20 Years of Google - Happy Birthday Google!

by Liesbeth Hermans, on Sep 27, 2018 10:05:15 AM

Although Google was officially incorporated on September 4, 1998; the official birthday of this great tech company is celebrated on September 27 since a decade. So today we're wishing Google a sincere: Happy 20th Birthday! Let's have a closer look at the birthday fun, and discover what the future of Google will bring.

Google Search exists for 'only' 20 years now, and yet we can't think about a world without it. That's a fantastic accomplishment, especially if you see where the first Googlers started: in a garage in Menlo Park, where Larry Page and Sergey Brin set up the first Google office.

Curious to see how it looked like? Check out the Street View Tour Google created in honour of this 20th birthday. You can take a virtual tour of the entire home, which looks like it did in 1998. Click around to see a bunch of nineties gadgets all over the place, and don't miss opening the secret door and turning on the neon light. You'll find even more Google memorabilia.It's really like entering a time capsule.

There are other fun things to do today: watch the doodle video that Google made for example. The video incorporates the biggest search terms of the past 20 years. Flashback to Y2K, anyone? Also take a look at this website that gives you insights in the biggest search terms of the past 20 years. Get inspired by these tips & tricks from Googlers about Google tools you can use to make your life easier. Or read this timeline to see how it all started and grew over the years.

Here comes Google Cloud!

As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, we're obviously huge Google fans. We believe Google technology, and more specifically Google Cloud technology, can really make a difference in this world. In our case, that's mainly the enterprise world. By implementing Google Cloud technologies like G Suite, Chrome and Google Cloud Platform we build cultures of innovation at companies, making them ready for the future.

We bet that within 20 years from now and even earlier, Google Cloud technology will be as unmissable at companies as Google Search is now. 

Driving innovation is always at the core of whatever Google does. Their focus on and investment in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is one of the main differentiators comparing Google with other technology providers. Technology is moving fast, and so is Google. The possibilities of Google Cloud are already almost endless, but keep on evolving over the years.

It's our belief that making use of Google technology can thus make a real difference at businesses who want to stay ahead of the competition, innovate and change the way they work. Thank you Google, for giving us the technology and tools to make real innovation possible. But also to make us dream, grow and always push our boundaries to create what's next for our customers.

We're curious, and totally ready, for another 20 years of Google!

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