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5 years in 5 minutes: Julie’s  Work Anniversary at Devoteam G Cloud

If you’d asked me 5 years ago, I’d never have said I’d be working in the tech/IT industry. And why actually? Because of the social misconception? Looking back now, it has been the best decision I could have made as I’m learning and growing every day in my career with Devoteam G Cloud. Read along in my journey as a woman in tech starting 5 years ago in a startup.

Working 5 years with Devoteam G Cloud Benelux - JulieWritten by Julie Dockx, Head of Work Transformation & Customer Succes Manager Benelux & UK/I

Joining a startup in 2017

Leaving my job in an SME to join a startup, that’s what I did 5 years ago. A risk? No, you never know if a company is and will remain successful these times. So when job hunting, have your eyes open for new companies as it could be a missed opportunity later.
In my experience joining Fourcast (now Devoteam G Cloud Benelux) gave me the chance to learn. I had the chance to work together with young, motivated individuals to define a methodology and a brand identity was lovely to be part of that. While focusing on learning all about Change Management when deploying Google Apps for Work (now Google Workspace), I often found myself taking on other responsibilities as well. The best way of gaining experience in new areas.

Fast-forwarding 5 years

It would take another series of blog posts to talk about all the opportunities, all the lessons learned, all the experience I was able to gain in the past 5 years. Which I won’t. But still, if you’d like to hear some stories, reach out to me.

Summarising an amazing journey in 3 key moments is hard, but here we go.

Wow – moment

Joining a tech company with a Marketing and Business Communications background is not the most straightforward choice. Acknowledging and discovering my interest in technology was not common at all, which made me feel in the right place. Visiting Google’s biggest event (Next) in San Francisco when I was working for 2 years with Fourcast (now Devoteam G Cloud), was a true Wow-moment.


Having an interest in technology, loving to explain how people can use their toolset even better, and receiving positive feedback from both customers and colleagues, gave me the feeling I can make a difference. This is where I want to be. Especially as I never would have looked for or applied for a role in a tech company. ‘I’m not techy right?’ Receiving recognition for what you truly stand for, believe in, and love to do, is the best feeling ever.

The people

Working together day in day out with like-minded, motivated, and inspiring people is gold. Even after 5 years, everyone who joins the company is part of this family. We breathe Google and want to inspire our customers to feel the same way. Although we are all unique, we have a culture in common.

What after 5 years

People say you need to watch out for your 5th work anniversary. According to researchers, people feel less satisfied with the organisation, receive minimal recognition, lack challenges, or have minimal opportunities for growth and development.

Well, it shouldn’t be a surprise if you were with me reading this post so far, that’s not likely at all. And it’s an incorrect mindset if your company or you as an employee think and feel that way. Being an employee should feel like belonging to a group of like-minded people, human beings you’d like to hang out with and would choose as friends. Having a common commitment and attitude gives you the motivation and energy to learn and grow every day.

Our company’s strengths?

Looking back at these past 5 years, there are 3 elements that are part of our culture since the beginning and remain to be our actual core.

1. Career progression

It’s the first and most important value in a company to keep your employees motivated and attract new people. Too many people leave their roles because they don’t fit any longer in the organisation. That’s too bad, for both parties. Of course, being one of the first employees increases some changes of progression but you still need to prove yourself. That’s why career progression and personal development are important for every single employee. Data engineers joining Key Management after being in the company for 2 years. Why not?

Why hire a senior person with +10 years of experience but no feeling with your business so far, while you could invest in talents that already belong and fit in your company? Especially now that Generation Y is getting ready for the workplace, knowing they are all looking for flexibility over profitability. 

2. Technology

Practice what you preach. It’s 2021 so by now a hybrid workplace, a collaborative environment, and working from anywhere, any time on any device have become buzzwords. Devoteam G Cloud (back then Fourcast) started as a Google Partner innovating company and their way of working by moving completely to the cloud. 

3. Culture

We’re all allergic to silos, can’t see colleagues struggling, and do not accept “that’s how we’ve always done things” as an answer. We value both teamwork and taking responsibility, getting out of your comfort zone and learning every day, being generous, and showing empathy. No wonder employees refer to their colleagues as friends. I just know I’m surrounded by people who I can trust, learn from/with, and have fun. 

What’s Next?

So, if you’d like to know what’s next for me? Well I know I’ll be leading the Work Transformation team for some months, hopefully, years. However, I won’t be surprised if in 3 years we meet again and I’ve accepted new challenges in our growing company. I might be creating visualisation with Looker or moving your infrastructure to the cloud. Just kidding. Or why not?

If you want to be a part of this fantastic team, be sure to check out the job ads or apply spontaneously! Because it’s awesome to work here, believe me. Feel free to contact me if you have any doubts or questions.