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Chrome for Work blog series #1 Kiosk Mode!

Chrome devices, definitely in the form of Chromebooks, are hot in education and the consumer market. The reasons are simple. This new generation laptop is extremely safe, very fast, shareable, and yes….cheap.

Chrome devices are on the verge of revolutionizing how business work and therefore we are going to educate you on how Chrome devices can be used in the work environment with a series of small blog posts.

First of all, it’s good to know Chrome devices come in different form factors:

Chrome forms

Kiosk mode of Chrome devices

To start of this blog series we are going to explain the kiosk mode of the Chrome devices. With the Kiosk mode you can display one full screen web application on the device without giving the possibility to do anything else with it (no free surfing, no changes to settings..).

Why would you use that?

In retail

When your client comes in the store and he finds out that the exact product he wants is not in stock anymore. What do you want to do? Let him go home and hope he comes back later? Order the product and write him an email when it’s back in stock? Or capture his enthusiasm, guide him to order the product on the webshop via a device next to him in the store and deliver the product at home?

Pretty sure the latter will give you the biggest chance to convert the sale.

Using Chromebooks in Kiosk mode, you can do exactly that. Build a small web application around your webshop, and users will be able to interact with (and only with) your webshop, when they’re still in the store. It’s like the Chromebook is built specifically for your webshop!

In all other sectors
Kiosk mode is also often used in manufacturing and other sectors for people that only use one specific application to get their work done. By easily configuring kiosk mode for them, they will be able to focus on what’s most important!

Want to know why Chromebooks are a better alternative to thin clients?

Stay tuned for next week!

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