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Devoteam Cloud Services is now a Managed Services Provider by Google Cloud

We’re happy to announce that Devoteam successfully passed a Managed Services Provider assessment by Google Cloud. Our CTO and Lead Cloud Architect , Jason Quek explains the meaning of this below.

What does it mean for us?

Jason Quek: This is a testament to our investment in our Google Cloud capabilities. We have built out many best practices in the DevOps field, and became experts in Terraform, Stackdriver, Grafana, Kubernetes, just to mention a few of the technologies we used to build out our MSP stack.

The assessment was gruelling but comprehensive and showed that we are able to help manage our clients Google Cloud environment securely and also provide FinOps for cost control of their cloud environment.

What does it mean for you, our current and future customers?

Jason Quek: For me, it was interesting to see how the processes and methodology we built internally matched the assessment, and that we are on the right track.

For our current customers which are on our MSP program, they will feel reassured that we have been validated by a third party.

For our customers who are not on our MSP program, we have built communities with their developers through shared communication channels, which we actually share best practices from our experience and they can use to improve their environments.

For our future customers, they can find us as another option in Europe as an MSP provider.

What can you benefit from choosing us as your partner?

Jason Quek: I do see the role of a MSP changing, in that to provide greater value, a MSP does not only help to monitor their customers’ systems and keep them running, but also act as an advisor on how to optimize the cloud environment for new projects in Big Data, AI, build an innovative development team leveraging GCP, as well as keep costs predictable. Which is how some of our customers are working with us today, and by validating ourselves as an MSP we enable our customers to concentrate on their core business, and leave their Google Cloud environment in good and agile hands.