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Digital workplace team reinforcement arrived: Introducing Simon Dhondt

As the title of this post suggests, we’re very happy to reinforce our digital workplace team this month with project manager Simon Dhondt. Simon will be managing projects in the digital workplace solutions area. Warm welcome, Simon! Without further ado, we let our newest Fourcaster introduce himself in this blog post. 

Blogpost introduction - Simon Dhondt

Short Bio

Hi there! My name is Simon, but most friends just call me by my last name (Dhondt) so feel free to choose between those two names 😉. I started my career as a collaboration manager and G Suite ambassador. I then rapidly transitioned into an IT project management role which allowed me to begin in this exciting new role as a digital workplace project manager at Fourcast.

In my spare time, you will never encounter me in a gym, but rather on a football pitch or in the mountains while snowboarding. I also fancy reading a good old-fashioned book or scroll down the internet (New Scientist, NextWeb, …) in search of interesting new inventions or facts.

I’m widely fascinated by technology ranging from technology that enables blind people to see again, self-healing (building) materials, space-related discoveries, … to technology that enables rockets to travel at hypersonic speed or fully charge electric cars in a split second. Other things I like are travelling to foreign countries, getting to know new cultures and taking my time to enjoy ‘Burgundian’ wining and dining with family and friends. 

Why Fourcast?

In the first year at my previous job I had the opportunity to work intensively with Fourcast so I got to know them better than an average supplier. 

One of the first things I noticed was how driven the people are. The Fourcast employees I worked with were passionate and really dynamic. I was impressed by their efficiency and determination to get things done. On top of that, I really appreciated the proactive and entre-/intrapreneurial mindset they all share.

Fourcast is clearly a solution- & innovation-oriented company that I aspired to work for. They combine hard work and lots of fun, not to mention their advocacy for lifelong learning. All of these arguments made me apply and join the team to experience the journey. 

Best about Google?

I can’t name one single feature, there are just too many! What I can tell you, is where the love for Google all started…

At university, I remember that we had to do group work and that we were really struggling to merge all data of the different versions. In short, no one knew what changed and which version was the most up-to-date. Until sometime later, a group member suggested we could use Google Docs to counter these issues and we did.

Suddenly, all unnecessary emails with questions and misconceptions disappeared. We even had the ability to place comments, tag people to follow-up on our to-do lists and move forward. We were truly collaborating with all members at the same time in the same document without being in the same place (which was groundbreaking at the time!).

Now that Google shifted their primary focus from consumers to businesses, also businesses can enjoy these innovative, more extensive and user-friendly features. One of the features that still blows my mind is the ‘Explore’ functionality in Google Sheets. It answers questions before you’re even able to ask or process them (literally). It does that by analysing your data automatically and suggesting charts, formulas or pivot tables on your data.

Bearing in mind that Google is not only active in IT, but also investing and driving innovation in industries like life science, healthcare, transportation, artificial intelligence, agriculture, … 

You just gotta love Google!

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