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Experiences of a new Chromebook business user

Wondering how it is to make the transition from using a laptop to using a Chromebook for work? Our colleague Charlotte Pletinckx, project and change manager at Devoteam G Cloud, recently switched from a Windows device to a Chromebook: read about her experience in this short interview.

chromebook in handbag

When exploring your new Chromebook: what was the first thing that attracted your attention?

charlotte pletinckx

The first thing that got my attention was right after switching on my Chromebook for the first time ever. Besides the Chrome icon, there was nothing on my desktop.  I think it took me a couple of minutes to realise that that was it. That was my work environment. It was neat, simple and efficient. I was just one click away from everything. I have to say that this still amazes me every Monday morning when opening my Chromebook. 

Do you still use other operating systems? If so, why?

Only privately, at home, I have a Microsoft laptop that I use for my iPhone back-ups and voilà that’s it.

Which Chromebook feature is the one you can not get used to?

None that I can think of. 

Although, I have to admit that it took me quite some time to adopt the search key. 

Which Chromebook feature is the one you could never live without?

To be honest, there is more than one feature I could never live without: the speed of the updates, the simplicity, the long-life battery, and there are many others.

But if I had to choose only one, I would say the speed of the updates. I mean 7 sec ! Is there any laptop out there that can do better? Long forgotten are the never-ending updates from Friday evenings.

According to your first experiences: in what case is the use of a Chromebook an absolute plus?

As a project manager for different projects, in my opinion, Chromebook is an absolute plus for multitasking. 

Let me explain.

When working on a Chromebook, the only “tool” you will need is Chrome. From there on you have access to everything you need, whether it’s communication apps, production apps or even support. There’s no need for tons of different tools, or to struggle to remember passwords for each of those tools, or fear of slowing down your laptop because of too many open items.
The whole Google environment is built in a way that you don’t even notice switching from one app to another.

Simply click on the Chrome icon, and your unique work environment is open and ready.

At the end of the day I close my laptop without hitting any save button, and tomorrow my work will be exactly where I left it. 

And in what case is the use of a Chromebook a no go?

Personally I cannot imagine use cases where a Chromebook is not of any use. 

But some industries require specific applications or software that are not available in the cloud.  And even then it’s probably worth checking if the combination of a Chromebook and virtualised operating systems can be a solution for a more productive work environment.

Interested in using Chromebooks in your organisation? 
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