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Fourcast achieves Work Transformation Enterprise Partner Specialization

Fourcast achieved the Google Cloud Specialization in Work Transformation – Enterprise in the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program! Achieving a partner Specialization is a big deal for Google Cloud partners like us. By granting a Specialization, Google Cloud recognises a partners’ expertise and proven successes in a specific area. Also for customers, partner Specializations are an important help to choose the right partner for their specific Cloud journey & needs. Read on to learn what the Work Transformation Enterprise Specialization means exactly, and what the difference is with other partner labels like Expertise and Premier status.

We're specialized Google Cloud partner - Work Transformation Enterprise

What is a Google Cloud partner Specialization?

Specializations in the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program are designed to provide Google Cloud customers with qualified partners that have demonstrated technical proficiency and proven success in specialised solution and service areas.

By earning the Partner Specialization, we have proven our expertise and success in deploying solutions in the Work Transformation – Enterprise field using Google Cloud technology such as G Suite.

Fourcast page in Google Cloud Partner Directory

According to Google, Enterprise Collaboration Partners with this Specialization have demonstrated significant success deploying G Suite to enterprise organisations, which includes providing services across all project work streams – such as Governance, Technical, People, Process, and Support. 

A specialisation for a Google Cloud partner is the ultimate proof of commitment, knowledge and affirmation of the partners capabilities to demonstrate expertise on the given topic. The Enterprise Collaboration Specialization is a specific demonstration of large customer engagements with a work transformation implementation. Partners with this Specialization are the best go to partners for these large scale deployments because they leverage their knowledge on past similar cases.“

Simon van Beurden, Partner Manager at Google

Specializations in the Google Cloud Partner Directory

Google Cloud Partner Directory homepage

When you’re looking for a partner to implement Google Cloud technology at your organisation, Specializations can help to indicate the right partner for you. Look at your business use case and check in the Google Cloud Partner Directory which partner has the Specialization that matches your requirements. This way, you’re sure to choose the partner that has experience with implementations similar to the one needed at your business. 

Google Cloud does a very careful and in depth due diligence of the partners before handing out this Specialization, so we are honoured to have achieved it.”

– Jeremy Bonnevalle, Head of Digital Workplace & Founder at Fourcast

For the customers, it’s a peace of mind that when choosing Fourcast as their implementation partner, they can rely on our experts to make sure their digital workplace transformation journey is optimised for their use cases and executed successfully.”

Valon Rexhepi, Head of Business Development & Founder at Fourcast

Being a Google Premier Partner is great, because it shows top level expertise on Google Cloud. Having a Specialization is even better, since it really proves our domain knowledge. While Google Cloud is very broad, this Specialization emphasizes our expertise in guiding enterprises to a cloud-native workplace, so customers know they are guided the best way possible, fully according to Google Cloud’s high standards. It embodies the investments and dedication from every single team member in bringing Fourcast to the top of the field.”

Niels Buekers, Head of Google Cloud Platform & Founder at Fourcast

Specializations vs. Expertise vs. Premier status

Google Cloud has different ways of distinguishing various ‘levels’ of partners in their ecosystem, Specializations being only one of them. 

Expertise of Google Cloud partners

Next to Specializations, in the Partner Directory you will also find the ‘Expertise’ labels for each partner. Expertise for each partner is indicated per Product/Technology (Google Cloud Analytics, Google Cloud Productivity for Fourcast at this moment), per Workload (Web application development, Data lake, Marketing analytics & Work transformation G Suite for Fourcast for now), and per Industry (Financial Services, Retail & Wholesale for Fourcast for now).

Expertise in Google Cloud Partner Directory

So what’s the difference between Specializations and Expertise for Google Cloud partners?

Expertise areas show where a specific partner has proven successes, based on Google Cloud specific requirements. Specializations indicate that a partner went through an even more in-depth assessment done by Google, and these partners also have repeatedly proven customer success for the Specialization area. 

When you see Expertise on a partner’s card, it indicates where they have demonstrated customer success by product, workload, and/or industry based on a defined set of requirements. If you’re looking for in-depth solutions and services in a particular area, look for a partner with a Specialization. These organizations undergo a rigorous technical assessment, employ certified experts, demonstrate repeatable customer success, and have a business plan to invest in their area of Specialization.

– Google Cloud Partner Directory documentation

Premier level Google Cloud partners

And then there is a 3rd distinguishing element between Google Cloud partners, being the ‘Premier’ status. You can recognise partners with this premier status by the badge in the image below. This is a badge that you might have seen before in our communications, because Fourcast reached the Premier Partner level in August 2018, an achievement of which we’re proud.

Google Cloud Premier Partner Badge

Partners that reach a Premier level have demonstrated the highest levels of technical proficiency, expertise and impact with customers; according to Google Cloud. As a business seeking for a trusted partner to embark on a Cloud journey, you can see this Premier Partner status as an overall indicator of quality.

Moreover, the Premier partner indication is important for the partner and its business itself: these partners get full access to all benefits that are available to Google Cloud partners. Apart from the right to use the Premier Partner badge, these benefits include access to Partner marketing funds and other financial incentives from Google, a named Partner advisor, exclusive training and events, co-marketing opportunities with Google.

One mission: building cultures of innovation

At Fourcast, our mission is to build cultures of innovation at companies by transforming the way they work and by elevating their customer experiences. As a Premier Google Cloud partner, we do this by implementing innovative Google Cloud solutions like G Suite and by leveraging cutting-edge AI & machine learning technologies. 

Over the years, we have built an impressive customer portfolio of enterprises that we helped with reimagining the way they work and their transformation journey to a digital workplace. Key customers include Arvesta, Carrefour, PwC Belgium, Rode Kruis Vlaanderen, Wabco, Melexis, & Louis Delhaize.

As a Google Cloud partner, we’re excited to bring the best of Google technology to our customers every day, to solve their business pain points and needs and to transform the way they work.

We’re already looking forward to achieving more Specializations, and to build & implement what’s next with Google Cloud!

Specialization Work Transformation GIF

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