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Full screen video conferencing on Jamboard now available

Good news for Jamboard users: from now on you can enable a full Hangouts Meet video conferencing experience on your digital whiteboard. This allows you to expand the way you use Jamboard at your company & integrate it even more with G Suite. We already liked the Google Jamboard a lot, but with this new functionality the collaborative whiteboard just got even more attractive. Let me explain you why.


Google just raised the bar on the brainstorming and collaboration activities between teams, by giving the digital whiteboard Jamboard the same real-time experience as we are all used to in G Suite. User-friendliness, with AI features embedded, is the standard of every Google product and you will not be missing those on the Jamboard either. This was already the case.

But the new full-screen video conferencing capability on Jamboard adds a huge plus to this experience.  

Full-Screen Video Conferencing on Jamboard

Jamboard will use G Suite’s video meeting tool Hangouts Meet for video conferencing from now on. This will allow you to host full screen video meetings while seamlessly transitioning from meeting to white-boarding on your Jamboard.

With this functionality, you can use the Jamboard as a single device for video meeting and brainstorming in team spaces, huddle spaces and soft seating areas.

Pair your Jamboard to a Calendar

You can pair your Jamboard to any Google Calendar in the G Suite Admin Console to make it possible to book rooms through the Jamboard. This Calendar integration also allows you to schedule meetings on the Jamboard as a stand-alone meeting device, while having the same Hangouts Meet experience.

All it takes to join the video meeting is one click, whether you’re using the Jamboard or another device. At the same time, your team is only one click away from brainstorming.

video conferencing on Jamboard

Make the Jamboard more familiar in your company

From the moment these functionalities were released, we saw an increase in usage of the Jamboard we have here at Fourcast. We believe that this helps our teams to use Jamboard in other ways, and the full video meeting capability familiarises our employees with it even more.

This also can be the case in your company, as people that maybe didn’t use the Jamboard before will start to adapt to the solution, starting with the video meetings. They will see the real value of remote brainstorming and collaboration at the same time.

Being able to host video meetings using the Jamboard expands not only the way you can use the digital whiteboard, but also in which room it can fit. Your Jamboard can now be a single brainstorming tool in huddle spaces and the ultimate combo with Hangouts Meet hardware for larger rooms. 

If your meeting space is larger than recommended, you can add Jamboard qualified peripherals like a speakermic and camera to enhance the video and audio quality of your video meetings.

For more information on how to efficiently set up meeting spaces with a jamboard check out the Google guide here.

videoconferencing feature Jamboard

Kickstart the full screen video conferencing on your Jamboard

Admins can enable these new functionalities for their Jamboard(s) now in the G Suite Admin Console. Look under Jamboard – video conferencing configuration. Starting June 30, videoconferencing on Jamboard will be ON by default and you will be able to turn in off for each Jamboard in the G Suite Admin Console. For more details on how to set up your Jamboard for full screen video conferencing, check out the Google documentation here.

Once you enable the functionalities, end users can schedule and join meetings from your Jamboard the same way as they do with Hangouts Meet.

There is no doubt that Jamboard will continue to improve. Google will keep on adding new features and functionalities to enhance your digital white-boarding and meeting room experience. Together with the continuous improvements to the user interface, these will keep on making the Jamboard an even more interesting tool to enhance the collaboration at your company.

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