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Google announces new video meeting room hardware


This year, video meetings with Google Hangouts will get even more attractive for businesses small and large. Last week, Google announced a new partnership with Logitech. This means the introduction of new high quality hardware suitable for meeting rooms of all sizes. In this post I’ll introduce you to the new technology that will now be available for everyone to have easy-to-use video meetings.

Today’s enterprises all strive to efficient collaboration of their employees. At Google, internal video meetings started as a clear need for employees spread all over the world to efficiently collaborate. Soon they realised something that is still the driver of every evolution in the meeting room hardware Google is making:

Meetings have to be as easy to start as conversations in the hallway

I believe they achieved this with the Hangouts Meet app in G Suite, but even more in combination with Hangouts Meet Hardware. The new hardware is promising, and makes video meetings at businesses even more easy and intuitive.

New Video meeting hardware to rely on

Most of our customers use Hangouts Meet Hardware because they can rely on it. It’s simple to use for everyone in the organisation, and it just works to get the video meeting job done. Indeed, video meetings are becoming more and more part of the daily workday for many employees in today’s digital world.

This explains the clear need for reliable video meeting solutions that employees love to use, to make a video conferencing company culture possible. And in the end, for organisations to be able to cut on costs in traveling and efficiency of work.

Google recognises this need and already offers great solutions for meeting rooms at enterprises. They recently announced a partnership with Logitech, which brings sparkling new pre-configured hardware for Hangouts Meet to every meeting room size.

The new Logitech products for seamless video meetings with Google’s G Suite will probably be available in Europe in early spring, with prices in euro at this moment still unknown for the European market.

That being said, let’s dive in and see how this new offer looks like for each meeting room size.

Small Meeting Room bundle: Logitech Meetup

HMH Kit logitech small rooms

With a built-in camera, microphone and speakers plus a powerful Chromebox and the new Logitech Tap touch screen, the video conferencing setup for small rooms will become even easier. The Logitech Meetup is ideal for rooms with a capacity of up to 6 people.    

Medium Meeting Room bundle: Logitech Medium

HMH kit logitech medium rooms

This bundle contains a Logitech Rally Camera, powerful speaker and mic pod. It also includes a Chromebox and the new Logitech touch screen called Tap. This setup is ideal for rooms of more than 6 people, and you can easily scale to a larger room as well.

Large Meeting Room bundle – Logitech Large

 HMH kit logitech large rooms

The Logitech bundle for large meeting rooms contains 2 speakers and two mic pods together with the Rally Camera, Logitech Tap touch screen and Chromebox. The large meeting room bundle is ideal for rooms of more than 12 people and very scalable, since you can add additional accessories for a different setup.

Acer Chromebase all-in-one device for video conferencing

Acer screen
There is also exciting video conferencing news from Acer, who launches the Acer Chromebase for Meetings 24V2 all-in-one device for meetings. The 24-inch desktop with 100° field of view camera, pre-configured with Hangouts Meet, is ideal for rooms up to 2 people. This Acer Chromebase will be available for purchase this summer.

With this new video meeting offer, Google clearly is on top of the game in offering businesses a variety of solutions for business collaboration spaces like meeting rooms. Important as well is that this offer is affordable for everyone and scalable for every meeting room.

Interested in improving your video meetings with easy-to-use Google hardware? Logitech video conferencing hardware is now available on our webshop!