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Google Chat is calling

Calling from Gmail or Google Chat? Of course you can! To discover the new calling feature (display, experience for the caller and callee and settings) in details keep on reading.

So far you could only choose “adding a video meeting” at the bottom of your Gmail Chat or Google Chat to start a conversation. Now, in a 1-1 chat conversation you can call your colleagues.

How does it work?

In Gmail or in Google Chat click “Start a video call’ at the top right of your screen (left to the search magnifier) to start calling. A floating pop-up screen will appear along with a ringtone. On the other end, the recipient of the call will hear a ringtone and be notified that there’s an incoming call. The called person can answer or reject the call.

During your call, thanks to the floating pop-up screen you can navigate to other conversations, chat rooms or spaces without losing sight of your ongoing call.

Do you want to share your screen? No problem, click on the toggle to open your call into a separate tab to have your usual Google Meet features (screen sharing, subtitles, chat, etc.)


When calling a colleague that is already in a meeting, the ringtone will be disabled to avoid any disturbances. Additionally, it is possible to disable the ringtone for all incoming calls in the Gmail settings in the tab “Chat and Meet”.

Did you miss a call?

In the 1-1 chat conversations you are able to see your missed calls as well as new calls and ended calls.

What about calls via the Google mobile apps?

The calling feature is also available via the Gmail app and Google Chat app. 

Slight difference, the calling feature is represented by a “?” (phone) icon at the top right corner of your 1-1 conversation screen.

By default, the microphone will be turned on and the camera will be turned off. Calling via mobile apps also allows you to switch from your front camera to your back camera to show your surroundings.

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