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Growing our Google Cloud team: welcome Manish Jain

Our team of technical Google Cloud experts is continuously growing. We’re happy to welcome  Manish Jain, who joined the technical team recently as Google Cloud software developer. Curious about the newest Fourcaster? Read his introduction below!

Manish Jain

Short Bio

This is Manish Jain. Since my childhood I had great interest towards computers and was amazed how software is changing every aspect of human life. I believed software could be a great tool to ease human life. That is why, to understand the science behind it, I got into “Computers and Electronics Engineering”.  During my college days I found my passion in coding, automations and problem solving. 

I started my professional journey with Tata Consultancy services (TCS) on 1st Sept 2014 right after my graduation. From TCS I got to work for Deutsche Bank, Belgium, as a Consultant. I worked for one and a half years in India and then landed in Brussels in June 2016. Since then I have been working here. 

During my tenure at Deutsche Bank, I worked extensively in the Payment and Trading domain. After Deutsche Bank I joined IgnitionOne as a backend developer, to support and enhance their “Real Time Bidding (RTB)” system. This was a great learning experience.

I belong to the  “Jain” religion. People from this religion strongly believe in the principle of “Non Violence” and follow a vegetarian diet.

Why Fourcast?

When I came for my very first interview here at the Fourcast office, I was amazed to see a lot of Google Certifications on the Fourcast “Wall of Fame” ;).  That time only I decided to join Fourcast. What can be better in your career than working with all these certified professionals? I think working with experts brings a drastic change in the way you think, plan and do things. And it helps you to become a successful professional. I had the feeling that joining Fourcast could be challenging for me because of the different tech stack, but what’s the fun in life without challenges? And I think Fourcast has enough to offer.

Best about Google?

As a techie I’m fascinated about the problems Google is trying to solve, easing the daily life of every individual on earth. It cannot be more satisfying seeing people across the geographies using your solution in their day to day life. Starting from ‘Search on Web’ until Artificial Intelligence, Google is working in every aspect of computer science and importantly is bringing these innovations to the general public almost for free.

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