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Hardware: What You Need to Work Remotely

Software shouldn’t be your only focus when it comes to ensuring a remote capable workforce. An office should be equipped with all the tools necessary to support productivity and efficient collaboration.That includes software, hardware and infrastructure. The aim of this article is not to find ways to replicate the office but to create a sustainable remote working environment that facilitates the same levels of efficiency and yield.

Understanding the pain points of remote work helps narrow down the tools needed to achieve specific goals.


A static workforce limits the full potential of productivity. A team equipped with the right tools that allow full flexibility without sacrificing efficiency is a team empowered to produce results with high impact.

Chromebooks are an innovative level up from the traditional laptop. Powered by the technology of Google with cloud-based applications that run via browser, Chromebooks are the smart choice to get work done anywhere.

The full Play Store is available on the Chromebook which provides the inclusivity of a range of apps and software for your teams to use.

Chromebooks are user-centric and enable the user with the maximum utility to do the job efficiently.


If you supplied your workforce with new laptops tomorrow, this would mean added hours of work for the IT team, requiring the setting up and maintenance of hundreds of endpoints resulting in interrupted productivity.

All Chromebooks are secure by default. Chrome OS is continuously updated in automated cycles and is always configured to the right settings. There is virtually no set up time and no need for extensive IT knowledge, so all units can begin working on your Chromebook right away.


How secure is too secure? When it comes to safeguarding company and client data, one can never be too safe, which is why Yubico developed Yubikey as an authentication device that supports the universal 2nd-factor security protocol that adds an extra layer of fortification. Users can protect and access their digital identity via a computer or phone with Yubikey. Companies aiming to secure their remote workforce with Yubikey can do so easily with Yubikey orders shipped to the door of each worker.


All Chromebooks can be outfitted with the collaboration and productivity software of Google Workspace. Its cloud computing software allows anyone the freedom to work from anywhere. Google Workspace offers real-time collaboration among teams. Files shared between Office 365 and Google Workspace are compatible and can be opened on the end user’s setup natively and sent back without requiring any form of translation for a seamless workflow.


Dynamic work is not defined by location or time, but by results. A dispersed team requires tools with apt video conferencing abilities and remote working provisions. Your teams should have the technology they need to do so without penalty.

As part of Google Workspace, apps like Google Meet enable users to arrange, host and join video calls via a secure link or call-in number. Join video calls right from your browser from any device or the app on your mobile phone or Chromebook.

The user experience of Chrome OS is further enhanced by the intuitive design that offers users a sleek experience with web-based apps that boast steady efficiency.

Affordability has not cost Chromebooks any of the physical features that guarantee the full user experience. Chromebooks have HD web cameras for optimal video conferencing, and since many models weigh in at less than 3lbs, these computers are the perfect lightweight devices for working on the go. With an average 12 hr battery life, users can rest assured that work can continue without tethering to an electrical outlet.

Whether it’s working from home, a coffee shop or the office, no one should have to compromise on their capacity to get the job done, and with Chromebooks and Yubikeys, they won’t have to.

Companies can ensure productivity levels are maintained without risks to security while giving their workforce the freedom to work efficiently from anywhere.