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Introducing Brecht, our new Workplace Deployment Engineer

There’s nothing stopping this team from growing! We’re happy to welcome Brecht Sannen to our team. Brecht is our new Workplace Deployment Engineer, working in the Digital Workplace department. Read more for his introduction!

Blog Post - Introducing Brecht Sannen-1-1-1

Short Bio

Hi I’m Brecht and I’ve just started working at Fourcast as a Workplace Deployment Engineer. I have seen Fourcast in action in the past and now it’s exciting to be part of that action!

In my spare time you can find me playing a game of Padel or doing some CrossFit. In the weekend I like to go out with my friends or watch a game of KRC Genk! (I’m a big fan!=]) Lastly I can say that I enjoy a good board game or a tense session of Dungeons &Dragons.

Why Fourcast?

I have worked with Fourcast in the past and always remembered their efficiency when implementing G Suite. I liked how the Fourcast team was always trying to find the most user friendly way to change the digital working environment at a company.

This made me really excited and I didn’t hesitate when the opportunity was given to be a part of this team.

Best about Google?

Google is a much needed breath of fresh air in the workplace environment. What is otherwise a dull and complex way of working can be turned upside down with the G Suite apps.

The possibilities seem endless at times and to be able to bring this level of efficiency and simplicity to a business environment is just astounding.

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