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Introducing Dries Van Bael in our Google Cloud engineering team

Did you notice already that we’re expanding our team of Google Cloud engineers very fast lately? That’s right! To keep up with the awesome projects our team is carrying out, we recently reinforced the Google Cloud engineering ranks of our team once more. Let’s get you introduced to our newest engineer, Dries Van Bael!

Dries Van Bael Fourcast by Devoteam

Short Bio

Hi, I’m Dries. I recently graduated as a computer scientist from KU Leuven and joined Fourcast by Devoteam as a Google Cloud Engineer. I’m mostly interested in architecture, application development and infrastructure. But anything related to Cloud and cutting edge technology excites me!

In my free time I like traveling, keeping my movies and series knowledge up-to-date (i.e. watch Netflix), playing the piano, and going out for a drink. I used to go to the gym often but I’m currently looking for a new sport (recommendations are welcome! ).

Why Fourcast by Devoteam?

I first got into contact with Fourcast by Devoteam at a job fair and was impressed by their company culture and approachable people. During the first interview with Niels and Payam it also became clear that you’re free to choose the direction you want your career to evolve in.

All this while being able to work with the awesome technologies provided by Google Cloud. And being able to apply these innovations on the projects of Fourcast by Devoteam’s customers makes this such a great place to work, I think.

Best about Google?

I’ve interacted with Google’s technology on a daily basis since I was little: Google Search, Android, G Suite, etc.. Their inner workings have always intrigued me and I think their ability to provide these services on such a massive scale and with such seamless inter-service integration is an amazing engineering achievement. 

Furthermore, their culture of innovation not only helps making their own products better, they also allow their technology to be used by other companies through Google Cloud. I really like being able to use some of the same building blocks used by Google to power their own services.

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