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Kick-off a new decade with Chrome

Every new year starts with plenty of great resolutions and plans. How about transforming your digital workplace? With Devoteam, you can reach your goals in a timely and cost-effective manner. See how Chrome can improve collaboration and efficiency in your company. Read through these 3 examples from the retail industry:

Panda Restaurant Group: In-store training platform to provide the best meals in every restaurant

Panda Restaurant Group is an American, family-owned restaurant network. In order to serve high-quality food and provide the best customer service, every member of the staff must be trained according to the values and best practices of their company.

asus_chromebook-1024x768Panda Restaurant Group decided to purchase 400 Chromebooks and create a dedicated learning platform for employees. Thanks to the cloud environment, group executives can easily update the information on each device, as well as keep the information safe and accessible to authorized users.

As a bonus, Chromebooks are ready to be used for extra purposes like work time tracking and order management in the future (Source).

Trade Me: Grab and Go – a Chromebook for everyone in the office

Trade Me, the online marketplace from New Zealand required fast and reliable workstations for their three locations. The challenge was to provide durable devices available to a large number of users and reduce the time needed to set up a new account.

The idea of Grab and Go is to make the single device available to every user in the entity in the simplest way possible. Again, because of their cloud integrations, Chromebooks are great in terms of configuring new accounts and seamless switching between the existing ones.

Installation of the dedicated racks filled with Chromebooks in each of the offices saved up to 45 minutes per user in configuration time (Source).

Mercado Libre chooses Cloudready and gives a second life to their PCs with Chrome OS

cloudready-by-neverware-landscape-300x93Going Chrome does not always mean abandoning your old machines. South-American e-commerce portal Marcado Libre decided to go cloud to provide better working tools for their teams, spread in 18 countries. By installing Neverware’s CloudReady software, each workstation has been reinforced with well-known Chrome applications, such as Gmail, Hangouts and Google Docs.

It’s truly a second life in the clouds for a traditional computer! (Source)

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