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Leverage Anthos: Positive ROI and Accelerate App Modernisation

Google’s rich history of application innovation puts them in a unique position in the Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cloud market, which is why, Anthos, Google’s multi-cloud environment management platform is an exciting addition to the cloud ecosystem.

Though reasonably new on the scene, Anthos has already shown great promise regarding its economic impact.


Experts predicted the rise of Hybrid Cloud in 2020, however, in light of the pandemic, the rate at which hybrid and multi-cloud have been adopted surpassed predictions. The hybrid cloud model offers businesses flexibility and cost optimisation while combining the scalability benefits of a public cloud with the security and compliance advantages of a private cloud.

Anthos is a 100% software-based solution that offers multiple services; cloud migration, app development container management, and multi-cloud and hybrid cloud management. Consider it a platform that allows businesses to develop and run applications on-premise and in a multi-cloud environment (including Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Anthos introduces a platform for users to build and deploy enterprise-grade applications managed both on-premise and in the cloud with Kubernetes. This allows users to run Kubernetes clusters anywhere and manage all environments from one pane of glass, all with the freedom from vendor lock-in.

Anthos Benefits

In addition to businesses, developers and Security Professionals, are forecasted to gain value from Anthos.

Anthos delivers serverless capabilities, containerisation and consistent microservices both on-premise and in the cloud. With faster application building, testing and deployment, developers can focus on writing code for the business and spend less time on non-coding activities.


Standardised security is delivered automatically on the Anthos platform throughout the software supply chain. This reduces the risk of human error and permits users to set up and manage configurations with centralised control for all services.

Security teams can write declarative syntax and all clusters from all environments will pull from this single source of truth. Google’s service mesh provides consistent security, discovery and monitoring and visibility.

According to Forrester, Anthos is predicted to slice the time security engineers and developers spend on security policy deployment by up to 96%.

Time Savings

The speed of development with Anthos renders a 38% reduction for developers spent on non-coding activities. Anthos, in line with the new cloud-native way of development, provides a self-service concept while still enabling the governance team to maintain control.

The Anthos developer lifecycle with GKE operates with an opinion of how applications should be built, and thus the architecture becomes more straightforward and leaves less room for developer mistakes.

Provisioning an Anthos cluster takes only minutes using pre-configured services from Marketplace and developers are able to build features faster and run applications sooner.

Aerial View

The Google Cloud console presents a single pane of glass to give developers a visual of different clusters across on-prem and cloud environments. Developers can gain insight into the overall system health, set up alerts, and have an enterprise-wide view of internal ongoings.

Anthos allows the DevOps staff an overview of possible outages so they may delve deeper into the source of failed microservices. This means operations teams can discover issues faster, make applications more dependable and provide a streamlined customer experience.

5x ROI

Research firm Forrester, compiled the Anthos usage over the course of three years and presented the ROI figures in a report based on an enterprise customer profile with a $5 billion revenue and 15, 000 employees.

Of the quantified benefits, Forrester has seen faster application development that saved the enterprise between $5.3 million and $9.9 million over three years. Consistent unified security policy creation and governance capabilities of Anthos saved the target enterprise up to $5.7 million after three years.

As a result of adopting the Anthos framework, the enterprise benefited from boosted efficiency and streamlined operations, which converted into $4.2 million in savings during the three years. The enterprise experienced a lift in sales due to accelerated development velocity of over $19 million.

Among the unquantified benefits, the firm saw enhanced employee experience, efficient scalability and reduced infrastructure costs.

Anthos with Devoteam G Cloud

Deploying Anthos with Google Cloud Premier Partner Devoteam G Cloud means improved adoption of Anthos within an enterprise. We’ll work with business leadership teams to define and develop the cloud strategy alignment.

As Google Partner of the Year 2019, Devoteam G Cloud is fully equipped to provide enterprises with the technical support and certified resources needed to help roll out the Anthos application and help enterprises achieve the benefits seen in the Forrester report.