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My Successful Internship Recipe

The energetic International Business student Anna reinforced our marketing team with a 7-week internship. During that time, she gained some precious Digital Marketing and Sales experience. Do you want to know more about Anna and her thoughts about the internship? This blog post will give you the answer.

Written by Anna Ricard, Marketing & Sales intern during the summer of 2021

Who am I?

Anna RicardHi everyone, I’m Anna! I’m currently studying at the IESEG business school in Lille & finishing my internship at Devoteam G Cloud. You’re probably wondering why I decided to join the Marketing team for a 7-week internship, right?

I am very interested in Sales & Marketing, so I decided to use my internship period at school to explore these fields and gain some valuable experience.

How it all started

My father told me about Devoteam G Cloud and their CMO, Liesbeth, with whom I set up a call. After a few more email exchanges, I arrived in Brussels with my luggage and a strong dose of motivation to kick off my internship.

But what was the secret recipe of this experience? Let’s discover it together.

The first ingredient to success : the onboarding & integration in the team 

I immediately felt welcome in the team. Together with my fellow Marketers, we enjoyed a nice breakfast and soon after my onboarding started with Charlotte, my mentor and Digital Marketer. I received a lot of information about the company and its internal organisation. We deep-dived into the Marketing strategy which was a good basis for me in order to execute my role and tasks with confidence.

“Every morning we had a “Stand-Up” during which each Marketer outlined their tasks and goals of the day. This morning meeting really got me motivated to kick off each day!”

Add a diverse team & more than 12 languages

I really loved the international team. The G Clouders come from a wide variety of countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Mexico, or even Colombia. No matter where you are in the office, you’ll hear a language you don’t know.

Having this mix of languages and experiences at the office made our lunch breaks quite interesting and fun. You get a lot of different viewpoints on a single subject or suddenly there is an interesting debate in which you can take part. 

Upgrading my English

As a French, working and talking in English on a daily basis helped me become more fluent. I know that a lot of companies require you to talk and write in English. It’s important for me because I know that it will open doors and make me stand out as an applicant.

Annas internshipThere were always a mix of conversations in Dutch, French, and English.

Since most of my colleagues knew the latter, we all used it to communicate during meetings, lunch & coffee breaks, or even walks.

The recipe’s final touch

Finally, a perfect meal tastes better with some seasoning like salt & pepper. We have a good working environment, teamwork, and a diverse G Clouders family. But what is missing? Knowledge!

“The innovation perspective of the company combined with the dynamic and diverse team made Devoteam G Cloud Benelux the perfect internship place!”

Indeed, during this internship, I had the opportunity to learn constantly. I learned how to:

  • Write follow-up emails to nurture leads from our Devoteam G Cloud Days event
  • Create landing pages & “thank you” pages on Hubspot
  • Create visuals on Canva for campaigns
  • Make a content repository of the resources on the Devoteam G Cloud website
  • Create a marketing campaign plan and execute it
  • Analyse the competition of the company
  • Learn about the role of the Salesperson
  • … and much more

Top with some sprinkles of fun

To make a good dish, you need good ingredients and a good recipe, but also some nice little sprinkles to make it the best it can be. 

Anns Sales and Marketing internship

Who do you think is more memorable? Your colleague who comes in, does her work and then leaves, or your colleague who comes in, chats with the coworkers & yourself, and also does her work?

Luckily my colleagues have the same mindset: performance, challenges, fun & learning at work. We had a lot of daily quick talks around a coffee or during our standup such as “how was your weekend, did you sleep well, who wants to go out for drinks?


Furthermore, I had the opportunity to get to know the G Clouders during afterworks. We went to Leuven, the home city of Liesbeth, with the whole team and had a barbecue dinner together. I have a good memory of this evening in the heart of the city.

With the Marketing Team, we also went for dinner in Brussels. We enjoyed some cocktails and tapas & talked about non-work-related things. We couldn’t go to the office every day because of Covid, so these afterworks were really cool because they strengthened our team spirit. 

Finally, on my last day, we had breakfast together and discussed our respective futures. My mentor, Charlotte, gave me guidance and tips that I will carry for the rest of my career.

Final taste

To conclude, I strongly recommend this internship if you want to grow and learn in an international and Googley company. I had the opportunity to suggest new ideas and make my voice heard without any fear.

“This experience taught me hard skills in Marketing and Sales as well as soft skills that I will carry carry for the rest of my career”

 And you? Do you want to become part of the G Clouders family?  


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