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New ASUS Google Meet Hardware & more computing power for Meet

Today more than ever, employees are working and collaborating remotely. Video meetings are the perfect ally for every business. Employees need the right tools to work efficiently in this new way of working, from home as well as from the office. This situation does require more specialised hardware or setups for the office. To help companies for which the equipment of their office with easy-to-use video conferencing tools seems like a difficult thing, Google and ASUS now launched three new Google Meet hardware kits, one for every size of meeting room. These kits are a perfect fit for businesses that suddenly find themselves requiring regular video conferences in small, socially-distanced rooms or even at home. In this article, I’ll explain you the new features of the different ASUS Google Meet Hardware kits and how they can benefit your organisation.

New Asus Google Meet Hardware As video conferencing has become more popular these days, be it for small teams or for big businesses, technology builder ASUS and Google offer hardware solutions to create a better video meeting experience for employees that use Google Meet (previously called Google Hangouts Meet).

They are refreshing the current Hangouts Meet hardware with new ASUS Google Meet kits for Google Meet which you can use to equip your small, medium or larger size meeting rooms for optimal audio and video quality during video conferences with Meet. And they upgraded the computing power of Google Meet hardware with a new ASUS Google Meet computer system, as a replacement for the Chromebox.

This new hardware for video conferencing is just introduced to the market and is available for pre-order on our webshop. We expect to be able to deliver these new kits to customers as from mid July. You will get 3 years warranty on the bundles. 

Let’s now jump straight into the details of the new ASUS starter kit for Google Meet Hardware. 

The ASUS Google Meet Hardware Starter Kit

Those that are familiar with the ASUS Hangouts Meet kits and the initial Chromebox know that a remote control was included in these kits. The newly announced Starter kit has a similar remote control, but goes much further than that.

The Starter kit is designed for small/medium meeting rooms for up to 8 people. The starter kit is a good way to start with video conferencing at your company. 

Google Speaker/mic 

It may look similar as the current Meet Hardware, but the only thing remaining the same is the Google Speaker/mic, that has an amazing echo and noise cancellation with a 360 degree audio pick up.

It’s now compatible with Google assistant, and the sound is captured and reproduced by an ASUS Google Meet Speakermic base allowing a 360 ° capture up to 6 m. 

The new Google Meet compute system 

new Google Meet compute system(GQE10A) new Google Meet compute system(GQE10A)  2

The heart of these kits is a new Google Meet Compute System, which is also actually a new name for what ASUS used to call a Chromebox. The new Google Meet compute system (GQE10A) is redesigned for Meet. It enhances performance thanks to the Intel i7 processor that’s upgraded with 128GB SSD. It boots up fast and includes all current Chrome services including management, reporting, security, encryption, etc. 

All new Asus Meet Hardware bundles will use this new Google Meet computing system. 

The newly designed ASUS – Google Meet Compute System is built and tested to provide a product that exceeds industry standards and ensures reliability for users.

Google Meet Controller 

Remote controllerRemote controller keyboard

Instead of the 10’’ touchscreen in the older Hangouts Meet Hardware, the starter kit has a Google Meet controller to control the meeting. The solution is controlled by this Google Meet Remote: join and leave meetings with the touch of a button, adjust the meeting volume and mute the microphone. Joining a meeting is as easy with the remote control as it is with the touchscreen. On the back of the controller you can use the embedded keyboard that allows users to enter the meeting codes and phone numbers.

Huddly IQ Camera

The starter kit now uses Huddly IQ instead of the previous version Huddly GO. The Huddly IQ camera has a 150° wide-angle view with a wide angle distortion correction to cover everyone in the meeting room (sized up to 23 square meters).

The Huddly IQ camera has glass optics, a 4K image sensor and improved noise reduction that maintains image details.


The new slim design, rear I/O ports and magnetic wall mount stand allow for more practical deployment and cable management. The Kit requires less space and is a more affordable way to keep colleagues, partners and customers around the world connected, face-to-face.


The most impressive feature of the new Google Meet computing system is its longevity. While with the current Chromebox the end of life of the device is around 5 years, the new computing system (GQE10A) goes end of life in June 2028. 

The new ASUS Google Meet Hardware kits for Small/Medium & Large Rooms

New Asus Google Meet Hardware for SmallMedium and Large Rooms

Controller & Google Speaker/mic

Both models of ASUS Google Meet Hardware Small/Medium and Large use the 10.1’’ Mimo Touchscreen as controller, and the Google Speaker/mic as described in the Starter Kit. 

Choose the best suited camera

While the Small/Medium kit will use the Huddly IQ camera like in the Starter Kit, in the Large room kit you will have to choose between different Google qualified cameras for Google Meet. The most preferred one from our customers remains the Logitech PTZ pro 2. 

What about the difference between the Starter Kit & Small/Medium Kit? 

The difference between the Starter kit and the Small/Medium kit is that the Starter kit is a cheaper version. It doesn’t have a touchscreen but instead it uses a remote control to control the meeting. 


What about the price?

The price for the brand-new Starter kit is €1915 in Europe and of £1650 in the UK.  

The new ASUS Google Meet Hardware for Small/Medium rooms will be sold in Europe at €2320 and in the UK at £1970. While the ASUS Google Meet Hardware for Large rooms will be sold at €1970 in Europe and at £1700 in the UK. This doesn’t include the camera. 


All new ASUS Google Meet Hardware are available for pre-order on our webstore and we expect to deliver your brand new hardware by mid July. 


These new ASUS Google Meet Kits fit every meeting room and are a great smart video-conferencing solution for businesses of every size. It enables stunning HD visuals and offers a revolutionary magnetic chassis design for an easy setup. Additionally, the firmware in the touchscreen control panel, 4K UHD camera and speakermic receives automatic updates, allowing your team to stay focused on business.

The hardware is useful for conference rooms in offices that rely on Google Meet as their videoconferencing tool of choice. The hardware is ideal for businesses that have frequent video conferencing meetings from home or from smaller-sized rooms.

Do you want personalised guidance to set up your meeting room for high quality video conferences? Our experts are happy to help!