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Plug & Play Videoconferencing with Google Hangouts

If you love burning hours in traffic, on a plane or in the train you can skip reading this article.

In today’s business environments, you need to connect with your colleagues, customers, suppliers and partners on a regular basis. Meeting face-to-face in real life is great, but, it often comes at a big price.

With the rapid changes in technology, people have the opportunity to easily connect across distances with whomever. Flying from one continent to another to have one single meeting belongs to the past. The time of buying expensive HD video-conferencing systems are also becoming obsolete with the new digital innovations.


Conference calls frustrate many people because you actually don’t know if the others are listening, you can’t see their facial expression and it’s hard to set-up.

With Google Hangouts you can meet face-to-face with your colleagues, clients and partners – at any location – from your desk or couch through video-conferencing. You can schedule and join a Hangout from your smartphone, tablet or PC and meet face-to-face-to-face with anyone, as long as you have an internet connection. With Hangouts the need for travelling reduces significantly, and the best part is that you can do more with less. It’s ideal for team meeting, webinars, sales reps, HR interviews and a dozen other use cases, both for internal and external use. 

Training the workforce

We’ve seen this use case plenty of times:

The workforce is spread across the country or even the world. The entire workforce or some specific employees need to get trained. What happens in most cases is that the trainer travels across the country or even to another part of the world to train the workforce. No more of that please. With Hangouts, you can share your screen, collaborate with people on documents in real-time and even train an entire workforce at once without having to travel a single mile!

Interviewing candidates

When screening applicants, you first go through all the resumes and then plan a first call to get to know the candidate before meeting him in real-life. Facial expressions, posture and eye contact can say a lot about a candidate. Replace phone interviews with Hangouts to see eye-to-eye with a potential team member.


Chromebox for meetings

If you want to have a boardroom video conferencing system and want to be assured of extreme high quality, there’s an all-in solution called “Chromebox for meetings”. It leverages the Hangouts solution and comes with an HD camera, high quality speaker and a keyboard.

Just plug the Chromebox for meetings in via HDMI in a tv or projector, log in with your Google for Work account and you’re good to start the meeting with a single click. It’s very easy!

Oh, and yes this is a fancy video conferencing system, but it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. The Chromebox for meetings comes at only €750 including the first year’s management support fee of €180.