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Reflections on 2019 & looking forward to the new year

As we’re only moments away from a new year, 2020, it’s time for a short reflection on the year we leave behind at Fourcast, and start looking forward to the one that’s yet to come. As the plans for 2020 are getting finalised, I can assure you there’s an exiting year ahead of us. Let’s hit the pause button together to see the milestones of 2019 and where we’re going as a specialised Premier Google Cloud partner in the time to come.

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No, we haven’t participated in programs to get recognised as leaders or fast growing companies this year. However, what we have been busy with in the year we’re slowly leaving behind us, is not to be neglected.

It’s that time of the year where many of us pause for a moment and reflect on all the things we leave behind. So I want to share some of the moments that are worth sharing and thank every single one of you – Fourcasters, customers and partners – from the bottom of my heart for believing in us, for your trust and your company. I have enjoyed every single moment I’ve spent with you and look forward to 2020. 

A growing team of Cloud experts

Fourcast celebrated 5 years this year. As we celebrated this at our office at 5 PM for 5 days straight in October, we reached yet another milestone as our team passed the cap of 50 incredible Fourcasters that live and breathe Google Cloud. Yes, our team is growing at a fast pace. For the past quarter, we welcomed on an average 1 new Fourcaster every week, and we will continue to do so in the first quarter of 2020.

We also managed to greatly increase the amount of new high profile customers in the Benelux and UK/IE, while continuing to deliver on our promises to existing customers.

Fourcast surpassed the yearly revenue of 2018 already during the Summer of 2019, has reached the top 3 in terms of Google Cloud resold services in the whole Benelux, and set the cap for continued growth by industrialising a lot of what we do. We also super specialised our teams in the area of Enterprise Work Transformation, Data & Analytics Solutions, Infrastructure Modernisation and Voice enabled Technologies.

Getting (more) Specialised

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I’m particularly proud of officially being recognised by Google in the area of Enterprise Work Transformation. This specialisation means that we truly succeed in helping enterprise customers embrace the full power of digital workplace solutions such as G Suite, which is one of the most challenging ones to deliver successfully across the board. This is the case because nobody likes change or wants to change their work habits (this is a completely normal human thing). 

That’s why we heavily invest in change management in our digital transformation of the workplace projects with G Suite technology. We grew a super specialised change management team and built methodologies that truly work. Hence, our Fourcasters of the digital workplace department are successfully introducing a true collaborative workplace where our customers can build cultures of collaboration. A digital workplace where work gets done and the collective creativity is at the center of how the organisation does things.  

As we continue this specialisation journey, our Data & Analytics and Infrastructure Modernisation teams are in the process of getting the recognition from Google Cloud, and we’re looking forward to announce this in the months to come. 

Optimising for growth

As our Enterprise teams specialise, we restructured the organisation to support our aspirations even further. One of the examples in this area is our exponentially growing Education division.

Fourcast for Education Logo
This year, we split our Education team and made it independent of our Enterprise division. Baptising Fourcast for Education as a separate entity on 10/10/2019, we sat back and enjoyed watching how the core team has set course and doubled the team in 2 months from 8 to 16 FTEs, and growing every week.

One thing is certain as we head towards 2020: with this wonderful and diverse team, we’ve managed to build a company culture the founders always dreamt of: one where people can live their passion, one where they are not afraid to fail and grow as we grow with them. And one that is focused around the determination to shine on every challenge they get into.

What we do, and not only think, is what defines us. Guess what we’re up to in the year to come. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead!

Love from your specialised Google Cloud Premier Partner, Fourcast.

Setting course for hyper growth.

Valon Rexhepi Fourcast

Written by Valon Rexhepi, Head of Business Development & founder of Fourcast.

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