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The World is going Chrome. Yes it is.

Wow! Quite a statement, but don’t take our word for it. Take a good look at the picture above and guess what the green color is. Don’t believe it? You will be given the opportunity to discover the world of Chrome in person so carry on reading and…

…take a deep breath first and look at some hard facts.

Google Chrome was first released in September 2008 and by the time we reached 2012, it became the world’s most used browser. Since then it evolved from what was a very nice browser to becoming by far the most used platform on the planet, not only for consumers but also for Work.StatCounter-browser-ww-monthly-200809-201603

Why is that? Because it’s lightning fast, it’s extremely secure, it’s very flexible and it provides the ability to easily extend the platform beyond the browser by building apps and extensions on top of it.

Source: | The evolution of browser usage from September 2008 until March 2016

You’re about to dive into something you didn’t know before!

Screenshot 2016-04-14 at 19.08.56Google launched Chrome devices in 2011. Chrome devices such as Chromebooks are devices designed to access all your data and applications through the web. The only thing that runs on a device like a Chromebook is a Chrome browser (ChromeOS for the techies). We all know that unless you are a developer, the single most important application that you need nowadays is a browser, period.

Powerful, affordable and easy-to-manage professional devices for Work

Chrome devices are not a good fit for everyone or every use case, but when they are, they rock the hell out of everything that exists out there today. Chrome for Work adds a whole new dimension into play. It adds Enterprise features lots of businesses are struggling with.

Screenshot 2016-04-14 at 16.14.11

Chrome for Work helps you do 4 things very, very well

CHROME FOR EVERYDAY – Chrome for Work makes it a piece of cake to manage a fleet of devices for everyday using the Cloud based Device Management Console. Think of it as a supercharged Mobile Device Management solution where you can manage all applications, hardware, network, certificates, printers and many more things remotely without having to touch the device. Everything IT managers dream of is actually possible, and no you don’t need an infrastructure to make this possible. Oh, and before we forget, if you’re on some sort of VDI solution like Citrix, VMWare or Awingu then the Chrome device is all you really need to access your legacy applications in a virtualized environment next to a super fast and secure local browser to access all your web and Cloud based applications.

CHROME FOR DIGITAL SIGNAGE – Chrome for Work changes completely the way we looked at digital signage in the past. Content Management Solutions for Signage come with their preferred or dedicated hardware players. Chrome devices provide choice to Enterprise both for hardware and the content management system based on their needs and how they want to use with it. It makes it extremely easy to deploy 1, 100 or 10000 devices without having to think about scaling. This nice video explains the principle very well.

CHROME DEVICES FOR MEETINGS – Chrome devices bring videoconference meetings beyond boardrooms. Traditional videoconferencing systems are so expensive that only C-level or managers get the chance to use them. Chrome devices for Meetings bring the HD-video meeting room experience at 1/10 of the cost compared to the cheapest traditional videoconferencing solutions out there.

CHROME FOR KIOSKS – Chrome for Work makes deploying kiosks as easy as 1,2,3. With the single app kiosk mode, you can run 1 single application and make sure your users, customers or visitors are only able to use the device for what it’s meant like ex. ordering goods in store, filling in a survey, browse a catalogue, and many more.

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Who are we?

We are Fourcast, a premium Google for Work Partner based in Brussels and Vienna. We cover the BENELUX and DACH Enterprise market with Google for Work Solutions such as Chrome for Work. More info on our website.