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Welcome to our new Digital Marketer Charlotte, let’s rock it!

2020 started with young blood in our Fourcast Team! Charlotte Verbrugghe joined the Marketing Team and is ready to kick some ass. To get a more in-depth understanding and insight into the world of marketing, Charlotte studied Business Management and got really curious about the explosive growth in digitalisation. But who is she? 



ID Card of Charlotte

Hey, I’m Charlotte, Fourcast’s newest Digital Marketer. 2019 was such a rollercoaster with a lot of important milestones. I started my Marketing career as a Marketing Manager at a Brussels start-up. It was a challenge to push myself to learn not only the skills needed for this role, but also to keep up-to-date about all the new trends. 

On a personal level, I lost 30 kilograms. It was a long-term battle to fight the temptation of food, probably the hardest part of my entire journey. But I made it! The easiest part? Sport. I started to go to the gym again and now I can’t imagine my life without it anymore. I love running 15 kilometers a week, doing strength exercises and playing hockey. For me, it’s the best way to let go, stay healthy and to be happy. In my spare time, I’m also volunteering as a scouting leader. This year, I’m organising a humanitarian projet to Senegal with 30 kids. Exciting! I take every chance to discover new places, new cities and new ways of working.

Here’s the magical formula to make a happy Charlotte:
Travelling to magical places + spending time with my family  + a sushi night with my boyfriend + a wine date with my friends + a lot of cookies to share with my scouting group = welcome to Charlotte’s happy life.

Why Fourcast?

I already worked with Liesbeth two years ago, I was her intern at a Brussels start-up. We kept contact and saw each other at Google workshops. She always talked in such a positive and exciting way about premier partner Fourcast so when she told me the position was open, I didn’t wait any longer. I was ready for a new challenge and I wanted to step up my Marketing competences. 

When I opened the front door of the office, I was blown away by that Googley office. I dreamed about a real “Work hard, play hard” environment. Here, you can cycle while working, you can play some ping pong or play some video games. I choose Fourcast because we share the same passion: growing together. I’m getting the opportunity to constantly improve myself, to boost my creativity and to become a better Marketer which is incredibly valuable. I feel at home! 

Best about Google?

Google has everything that an employee expects. Innovation is 100% part of their DNA. How they transform the way of working of people and businesses is exceptional. I learned to work with G Suite when I was a student and it really changed my vision of working together. Real-time collaboration is possible with Google which makes Google the perfect fit for every organisation. Today I couldn’t miss the different Marketing tools that Google offers, from Google My Business to Google Analytics and Google AdWords. I can finally follow-up the marketing activities in an efficient way and have a broad overview of all the digital marketing activities.

Finally, Google works with very brightest minds so we’re always exposed to other amazing employees and intelligent thinkers. Being around them allows for a better collaboration and disruptive innovation.

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