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Welcome to the Antweirpenaar Michael Van Leemputten!

Hey guys!

I’m Michael, the second “Antweirpenaar” to join Fourcast. Hired as Change Management Consultant, I have been here for just over a month now… and loved every second! Before my official start I was already very fortunate to meet all Fourcasters on a lovely serene trip to the picturesque city of Prague where we had some quiet time to reflect on ourselves and really connect as a team 😉

A bit more about myself…I am an enthusiastic person who really enjoys travelling, food, sports (basketball, thaiboxing)…and maybe a drink or 2 from time to time.

Prior to Fourcast I have had a short career in transport and logistics. My first professional experience started in Jakarta, Indonesia, where I got the opportunity to work as a trainee for a German transport and logistics company. After 7 months I moved back to Belgium and started my career at C.H. Robinson, a leading 3PL logistics provider. Here I was responsible to advise and consult European customers, ranging from large, multinational companies to local businesses in a variety of industries, how to use their supply chains as a competitive advantage. It has been a great learning curve but a job done.

Why would I want to work for fourcast?

Maybe not the most obvious choice, some might say… My studies and background might not be what you would expect of an IT consultant, but my strong interest and eagerness to learn sure make up for that.

Ever since the first contact with Fourcast I felt welcomed and my interest was sparked. That feeling only grew when meeting more members of the team. Just the (for me very new) way of working, communication and general vibe really attracted me. It is a privilege to be part of such a dynamic, young and highly motivated team with like-minded people, all looking in the same direction (Fourcast for Premier partner in 2018, whatever it takes right?)

Best about Google?

Nowadays everyone is speaking about savings, productivity, efficiencies,… With my current, still limited knowledge I can confidently say 1 thing: Go Google! I am mind blown by the impact Google solutions bring to a company when properly implemented. The highly customisable cloud-based solutions Google offers will allow you to communicate, share and access your documents, agenda, notes… with anyone, anywhere. Resulting in more efficient collaborations and ultimately getting more things done in less time. The future at work…