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Welcome to the Cloud team, João Nuno!

Our technical Google Cloud team is growing fast, and so we’re happy to introduce new joiner João Nuno. João will be working as a software engineer in the Google Cloud team. A warm welcome! Read more about our new team member in this introduction blog post.

João Nuno Fourcast Google Cloud partner

Short Bio

Hello, my name is João Nuno. I am Portuguese, born in Marinha Grande, a coastal city in the middle of Portugal. I moved to Lisbon to study a bachelor in Applied Statistics and later a master in IT. Later, I went to live in Barcelona for almost 3 years to work for a big company, and returned to Lisbon to work for a startup after that.

I like to play football. I used to play football 11 in my youth and I play futsal as long as I have someone to play with. Since I left Portugal, it has been difficult to find people to play with. I also like to cook, mostly Portuguese food.

Why Fourcast?

I wanted to work with a team where I could feel that everyone had the opportunity to contribute. To be unbound from the unfounded decisions of business, or at least to have an opportunity to challenge that in the pursuit of the better “product” and better work environment.

My interview with Payam and Niels left me convinced that we do things that way, as a team. So far I’m not disappointed.

Best about Google?

I’m very agnostic about technology. This means that I can choose the best technology for the job or even adapt some program to take advantage of the technology potential. I did not work enough with the Google Cloud to have favouritism yet. But I bet I will in some months.

For now, I use G Suite extensively, and I know no competitor in the cloud. That is saying something, right?

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