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Why backup the cloud?

The temptation to use cloud services is obvious — “Store, sync, and share files with ease,” proclaims Google — but your data may not be as safe as you think it is without a robust backup solution for the cloud. Although Google takes care of your files in a secure manner, what risks does the lack of a cloud backup system pose to your company? And how can you benefit from backing up data stored in cloud solutions like G Suite and Salesforce?

“It just works” is a common mantra among IT leaders.

Yet data breaches and mishaps resulting from inadequate or non-existing backup strategies have continued to plague companies who have migrated more of their data to the cloud.

Here are some facts:

1. Users make mistakes.

At one time or another, we’ve all accidentally deleted an important file or email and panicked before realizing it’s easily recoverable from the Trash. Now, imagine if the Trash folder never existed — your employees tap the delete key, and their information is gone forever. If you store a lot of company data in the cloud, this scenario is more likely than not to occur without a cloud backup solution. Our solution’s backup, search, and restore features for G Suite and Salesforce — some of the most-used cloud platforms — ensure your data is never permanently deleted, even if mistakes are made.

2. Users can also deliberately destroy data.

Disgruntled employees (and even ex-employees) with the proper credentials could easily hack into your cloud platforms and delete emails, documents, customer data, and more. If you aren’t prepared for this type of situation, things could quickly turn for the worst if you don’t have a cloud backup system in place.

3. Errors and bugs are a fact of life.

Murphy’s law says it best: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” Poor data migration procedures, rogue third-party software, data fragmentation, and downed servers wreak havoc on companies’ data every day. Your information is no different. With our cloud-to-cloud backup solution, rather than panicking about data loss, you can rest assured that none of your important information in the cloud will be unrecoverable in the event of a technical snafu.

A cloud-to-cloud backup service can benefit your business by protecting your most crucial data from harm.