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Why do startups & scaleups work with a Google Cloud partner?

Selecting a cloud provider is one of the hardest product development decisions that a company must make. No cloud platform is perfect across the board and each one has its competitive advantages.

However, start-ups and scale-ups born in the digital age face challenges that are unique.

In this article, you will learn 5 reasons why Google Cloud is the go-to provider for start-ups & scale-ups, and why working with a Google Cloud Partner is crucial.

The Google Cloud Platform has been designed to be a ‘Digital Transformation Platform’ for businesses, offering a broad range of services and API’s to pick from. 

Since Google Cloud has a very strong industry-specific focus, every service has been tailored to meet the needs of a particular industry such as Media, Retail, Manufacturing, Financial Services, etc.

You can look at the Google Cloud Platform as a set of ‘building blocks’, enabling you to build your own solutions around it.

Let’s go over some main attention points that you can have as a start-up or scale-up.


Let’s start with what is probably your biggest concern as a start-up or scale-up: price.

The good news is that you only pay for what you use.

The even better news is that Google Cloud, together with Devoteam G Cloud, is focused on supporting start-ups and scale-ups in their development. Depending on the situation, incentives like free credits, advice and more, can be part of the flexible pricing options offered by Devoteam G Cloud.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities probably sit high on your list of features. Let’s see how Google Cloud deals with this.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning capabilities

Above all, Google is well known for its Artificial Intelligence capabilities. 

Google has everything needed to empower your business with Machine Learning Technologies. Google Cloud provides many managed API’s that you can use out of the box to make your products smarter.

If you want to customise those capabilities for your business, you can make use of powerful AutoML technologies to train models without the need for in-depth expertise in Machine Learning model development.

Moreover, Google Cloud is also well positioned to help your data science team develop their own models. Vertex Pipelines lets you set up a serverless MLOps ecosystem that allows you to leverage technologies like Kubeflow to develop models using your favourite tools like Tensorflow, Scikit Learn or XGBoost.

Let’s go over Google’s commitment to open-source next.


As a start-up or scale-up, you want to have the flexibility of not getting locked in with a single vendor.

Google Cloud allows you to do that as its products and services are built around open-source frameworks and API’s. You can integrate with third party open-source ISV’s (Independent Software Vendors) without having to worry about technical, legal or financial constraints.

Moreover, with Anthos, Google Cloud provides you with a single pane of glass to manage your multi-cloud environment. It is a multi cloud-platform that allows developers to build applications and deploy them anywhere.

Watch this 60-seconds video below to get a better understanding of what Anthos can do for your growth objectives.

Speaking of growth, let’s now see how your Google Cloud usage can scale along with your company.


As a start-up or scale-up, you want to be able to handle the growth of your company from a technical perspective when needed. Nothing is worse than being stuck with an IT infrastructure that cannot scale at a crucial time.

The Google Cloud Platform provides you with an unlimited amount of resources at your fingertips to make sure that your infrastructure is ready when you are.

Google Cloud is flexible when it comes to adding and editing virtual machines, which fits the needs of a dynamic project better. 

Features such as Autoscaling enable you to better handle increases in traffic and reduce costs when the need for resources is lower.


Security is perhaps the biggest concern when it comes to moving to a public cloud. 

Fortunately, Google Cloud Platform provides many tools to safeguard your environment. You can work with familiar networking technologies through Google Cloud Platform’s Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) concept and manage Identity and Access (IAM) on organisation, project or resource level. 

Google uses security-by-design, meaning that there are multiple levels of security measures put in place to protect your environment. An example of this principle is that data in your environment is always encrypted in transit and at rest.

These strict security measures make Google Cloud compliant with several certifications, including ISO/IEC 27001/27017/27018/27701, HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA. This means that Google Cloud can help your business achieve its compliance regulations.

You have read what Google Cloud brings to the table, but why should you bring in a partner like Devoteam G Cloud?

Why work with Devoteam G Cloud?


By partnering with a Google Cloud Partner, you get additional benefits on top of the price that you pay for a Google Cloud solution, which is not the case if you buy it directly from Google. 

As a start-up or scale-up, here are benefits that are interesting for you:

  • Proof of concepts
  • Deployment and migration services
  • Flexible contracting options
  • 24/7 support
  • A service package that includes several services for a custom price
  • An onboarding path for your new joiners
  • And more

Limit your mistakes

You are not the first start-up or scale-up that Devoteam G Cloud will help. By partnering up, you will get access to a team of certified engineers who have seen and done it before. 

That knowledge can come in handy for a company that wants to grow efficiently without making mistakes. A partner helps you set up your Google Cloud environment very quickly through a host of best practices that you can tailor to your own needs. 

No need to figure out what to do by yourself, let a partner show you the way!

Accelerate the process with frameworks

Best practices can help you limit your mistakes, but frameworks can help you move twice as fast.

Devoteam G Cloud has developed multiple accelerators that focus on specific technical challenges you might come across. 

One of these accelerators is called Flycs, a data warehousing framework that was developed with a focus on Google Cloud. It helps start-ups and scale-ups reduce the amount of time needed to set up a data warehouse in Google Cloud Platform. 

You can also customise Flycs to the specific needs of your company.

Here is a comprehensive illustration of how Devoteam G Cloud helps start-ups and scale-ups.

To put it simply, Google Cloud is your tech partner that will:

  • Provide you with the smartest tech
  • Lower the financial burden
  • Market your products

While Devoteam G Cloud will:

  • Bolster initial set-up & migration
  • Turn your GCP solutions into “first-time right”
  • Guide, train and complement your GCP team

These are some reasons why start-ups and scale-ups bring in a Google Cloud Partner, and several of them have trusted us for their cloud journey. Will your company be the next on this list?

Devoteam G Cloud has been a proud Google Cloud Premier Partner for over 10 years, with more than 2300 satisfied customers that include digital native start-ups and scale-ups such as Unifiedpost and Teamleader.

If you would like to know more about our solutions for your specific needs, please consider reaching out to us.