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How can Chrome Enterprise take your company forward?

Fireside Chat at the Devoteam G Cloud Days : The Next Wave of Innovation available on-demand

What is this Fireside Chat about?

Discover how Chrome Enterprise can take your company forward by listening to Google experts and Chrome Enterprise customers in this Fireside Chat. In this free 40-minutes session, they will share their knowledge, experience and story with you.

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Why should you watch this session?

The current situation has only accelerated the adoption of new working habits, especially Cloud technologies. Whether you are thinking of moving to the Cloud, implementing new ways of working for your end-users or IT administrators, or just interested to know more about Chrome Enterprise, this session will cover all your questions. 

What is Chrome Enterprise?

Enter the digital age of the Cloud worker with Chrome Enterprise, which consists Google's browser Chrome, its cloud-based operating system Chrome OS, and the devices that power this OS called Chromebooks.
The robustness and ease of use of Chromebooks, combined with the fast Chrome OS and Chrome browser, make Chrome Enterprise a great solution to connect your workforce, make your IT administration more efficient, and guarantee complete security.

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Andre Raposo (1)


Non Clinical Procurement Manager
CUF Hospitals and Clinics
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Nuno Vasconcelos

Nuno Vasconcelos
Regional Director
Nubalia Part of Devoteam
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Workplace Deployment Engineer
Devoteam G Cloud
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Claudio Ippolito


Customer Engineer

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Why should you go for Chrome Enterprise?

Simple management

Manage & control your entire fleet of devices with a few clicks from a singe place: the Chrome Admin Console. This saves you tons of time, which you can spend on more valuable efforts. 


Pay a low price-per-device & get great quality in return. A Chrome device is much more affordable than traditional devices & workstations. You save even more costs on the deployment, management, security & maintenance.

Many Use Cases

Use the same device for different purposes and use cases. The most common ones are digital signage, kiosk, video conferencing & everyday use. Get endless flexibility with just a few clicks.

Easy To Use

The intuitive interface of Chromebooks makes it easy for your employees to navigate apps and connect with each other. This enables a fast deployment in your organisation.

Work Faster

Chrome devices start up in seconds and perform fast, even after years of usage. Add a long battery life and there's no more waiting for your computer to start working!

Extra Secure

End-to-end security to protect your organisation & user data. Control device access, force policies, remotely disable devices. Files are stored safely in the Cloud, so a lost computer no longer means lost work.

This session took place at our event Devoteam G Cloud Days : The Next Wave of Innovation

This event brought together industry experts and thought leaders from various industries, and you can now access all this exclusive content for free.

This event is targeted at :

  • IT Decision-Makers, to teach them that change management is not only about the technology
  • Business Decision-Makers, so they can scale their businesses faster with innovation
  • Technical Talents who want to enhance their cloud understanding
  • Partners, to enable them the possibility to grow with us
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