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June 12, 2023 - 11:00 am to 11:50 am UTC+2

Future-Proof Your Workplace | Webinar series

Online event

Get ready to transform your workspace and future-proof your business with this webinar series. Join us for an inspiring journey where you’ll gain valuable insights, expert advice, and best practices. In 5 engaging sessions, you’ll discover how Google Workspace streamlines your IT operations and can help your business cut costs, increase efficiency and boost security.

Say goodbye to the headaches of managing double licenses, co-existence, and old application dependencies. With Google Workspace, you can centralise your IT management, reduce technical debt, and improve security, all in one place. But that’s not all! We’ll also show you how to increase productivity and adoption with remediation and change management tracks. See for yourself how streamlined IT operations can reduce costs and increase efficiency.

For who

Are you an IT manager, digital transformation manager, or CIO looking to revolutionize your digital workspace? Join us on an exciting journey to unlock the full potential of your IT operations, increase adoption rates, and reduce costs.

What You’ll Learn

In just 5 power sessions, you’ll discover the secrets to optimizing your digital workspace, reducing costs, and increasing adoption rates.

Discover the 5 sessions

Session 1

June 12 at 11:00AM CEST

Cost Cutting with Google Workspace Part 1: How to reduce the cost of Security/Tech Debt

Get ready for an electrifying session with CSS lead Pablo Savva, where he will share his expert insights on how to slash your security tech debt costs. You’ll learn how to take a high-level view at your IT estate, identify shadow IT, and reduce duplication of functions, features, and services in your tech stack. But that’s not all! You’ll also learn how to address your growing pains of transitioning from a dynamic digital native to a corporate organization With Pablo’s guidance, you’ll be able to transform your IT operations and unlock the full potential of your organization.

Session 2

June 13 at 11:00AM CEST

Cost-Cutting with Google Workspace Part 2 – Getting rid of dependencies to your old tools

If you want to reduce costs and improve collaboration, security, and device management in your organisation, migrating to Google Workspace is the ultimate solution. But how can you fully realize the benefits of this powerful platform? Join our expert Julie Dockx in this online event, where she’ll guide you through practical tips ad strategies to effectively remediate your environment. You’ll learn how to adopt Google Workspace tools, remove MS licenses, and migrate any remaining MS-bound sites or applications. With Julie’s guidance, you’ll be able to maximize your cost savings and increase adoption rates, while also prioritizing key projects.

Session 3

June 14 at 11:00AM CEST

Technical session on Remediation & AppSheet

In this session, experts will share insights on how to optimise your workspace using AppSheet. You’ll learn about the latest trends and technologies for workspace optimisation, how to reduce costs, and how to improve productivity. You’ll also learn about AppSheet’s pricing and how it can help you optimise your workspace.

Session 4

June 15 at 11:00AM CEST

Secure endpoint management

This webinar session will showcase the benefits of using a cloud-native tool like Google Workspace for endpoint management, where all your content is stored securely in the cloud with a context-aware and zero trust philosophy. By shifting your mindset and working with a solution that fits the cloud-native character of Google Workspace, you can centralize your IT management, reduce technical debt, and costs, while keeping your data protected at all times. The session will demonstrate how to handle all your devices, keep them up-to-date, and secure without the need for device management, making endpoint management a breeze.

Session 5
Keren castelli

October 11 at 11:00AM CEST

Barry Callebaut: Adoption Challenges, Pitfalls, Successes

Transforming the way you work with Google workspace is a journey! It starts with migrating your emails and data, putting in place a change management plan with a training path, a communication strategy and much more! After more than 10 years on Google Workspace, one of our clients wanted to reignite the Google Workspace fire globally and ramp up adoption! Join us in this webinar where we have invited our client to explain their challenges and how we’re working together globally to revamp their Google Workspace usage.


Speaker 1

Julie Dockx

EMEA Tribe Lead Work Transformation at Devoteam G Cloud

Speaker 2

Pablo Savva

EMEA Google Workspace CSS Lead

Keren castelli

Speaker 3

Keren Rodrigues Castelli

Head Of Change Management BNL & UK | EMEA Change Management Lead

Speaker 4

Hans Vandeveire

Senior Change Consultant

Speaker 5

Brecht Sannen

Workplace Deployment Engineer at Devoteam G Cloud

Speaker 6

Jonathan Van Grembergen

Workplace Deployment Engineer at Devoteam G Cloud

June 12, 2023 - 11:00 am to 11:50 am UTC+2

Future-Proof Your Workplace | Webinar series