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A peek Into the Future: What Does a Truly Digital Workplace Looks Like

Session hosted @ G Cloud Days 2021: the next wave of innovation

June 1, 2021
10:45 - 11:05 CEST

A Peek Into the Future: What Does a Truly Digital Workplace Looks Like?  

"A digital workplace is just an intranet, a digital workplace is a collection of apps, a digital workplace is a collaboration tool, ..."

These are all common misconceptions about a digital workplace platform. What does a Truly Digital Workplace then Look Like?

Companies need to transform and accelerate. A modern digital workspace is the cornerstone of this transformation.
- Benoit Fremaux

In this session, our guestspeakers will dive into the requirements of a modern, extensible digital workplace, offer tips for getting digital transformation right from the very start, and discuss which mistakes to avoid and why. Join the conversation as we share a forward-looking view with critical insights and priorities within the digital workplace landscape to accelerate your digital dexterity and maturity.

This session is designed to spark new ideas for your business and innovators just like you. This session is free & is held in English.


  • What is at stake today for companies? How do you break the silos?
  • The latest digital workplace insights
  • Key factors to consider when building a digital workplace strategy
  • How to achieve the organisational change necessary to adopt an experience-focused approach to digital transformation.
  • How do you achieve collective intelligence?
  • Learn how Google Workspace can help you to drive transformation across your business.

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Benoit Fremaux
Benoit Fremaux
VP Retail & CPG (Consumer Product Goods) at Devoteam Group.
Jeremy Bonnvalle
Jeremy Bonnevalle
COO at Devoteam G Cloud Benelux

For who?

Join this session if you're a

  • CIO
  • CCO
  • HRM
  • Digital Workplace Manager
  • or if you have a similar role within an organisation that wants to improve its digital workplace 

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For Who?

We target our sessions at: 

  • IT Decision-Makers, to teach them that change management is not only about the technology;
  • Business Decision-Makers, so they can scale their businesses faster with innovation;
  • Technical Talents who want to enhance their cloud understanding;
  • Partners, to enable them the possibility to grow with us.

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