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Panel discussion: what does inclusivity & diversity mean to you and us?

Session hosted @ G Cloud Days 2021: the next wave of innovation

June 1, 2021
10:45 - 11:05 CEST

Panel discussion: what does inclusivity & diversity mean to you and us?

Business leaders know that they must transform their recruiting, hiring, and retention practices today and tomorrow to positively impact their businesses. What about you?

Join us in this interactive discussion & be inspired by the success stories and insights of our G Clouders. They will share their professional and personal experiences. This session is bound to leave you with a multitude of valuable insights and knowledge to drive your D&I strategy forward & foster a more inclusive organisation.

Save your seat now to participate in this open and honest discussion about the current state of play, and what can be done to encourage more diversity in the workforce. 

Why Attend?

✓ Unrivalled Speaker Content
✓ Get to know our G Clouders & our Best practices on diversity ✓ Live Interaction
✓ An immersive experience for the mind & the sight


  • What is Unconscious Bias & how do we overcome our biases?
  • Best practices on diversity and inclusion
  • Strategies on building and working with diverse teams
  • Discuss actionable steps needed to create an inclusive corporate culture 

Be ready to get inspired!

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We are delighted to welcome an esteemed group of panelists:

Katalina Torrez Agramont
VP Retail & CPG (Consumer Product Goods) at Devoteam Group.
Julie Djurfeldt Head of Salesforce Practice at Devoteam
Julia Djurfeldt
Head of Salesforce Practice at Devoteam G Cloud
Marta Ziemińska
IT Project Manager at Devoteam G Cloud 
Miroslav Marchev
Recruitment Office at Devoteam G Cloud 
Keren Castelli Fourcast Blog
Keren Castelli
Head of Change Management at Devoteam G Cloud

For who?

The session is perfect for anyone within your organisation that would like to find out more about Diversity & Inclusion


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Immersive experience for the mind and the sight.

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Take advantage of the possibilities offered by the conference to accelerate your business.

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For Who?

We target our sessions at: 

  • IT Decision-Makers, to teach them that change management is not only about the technology;
  • Business Decision-Makers, so they can scale their businesses faster with innovation;
  • Technical Talents who want to enhance their cloud understanding;
  • Partners, to enable them the possibility to grow with us.

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