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Hardware Solutions

Our partners offer a variety of hardware solutions that can enrich your everyday work experience for a lot of use cases. 

Google Meet Hardware



Digital Signage

Google Meet Hardware

Video conferencing with Google Meet

Use Google Meet hardware as the platform for your presentations and video calls. It’s a cost-effective way to introduce high-quality meetings to your business.

There is a Google Meet hardware kit for every size meeting room, consisting of different components to ensure top audio and video quality for all your video meetings.

Designed by Google, the Google Meet speaker mic actively eliminates echo & background noise to deliver clear, undisturbed audio.

Built with machine learning, the camera can intelligently detect participants and automatically crop and zoom to frame them.

Google Meet hardware


Chromebooks are an all-new class of laptops:

  • Virus-proof
  • Fast
  • Always up-to-date
  • Equipped with long battery life
  • They benefit from the power of built-in Google’s apps and collaboration tools.

Chromebooks actualise automatically, and none of the files from your computer will ever get lost because they are safely stored in the Cloud.

Chromebooks I Devoteam G Cloud

Security within Chromebooks

Chromebook’s ‘secure-by-default’ feature means never worrying about if your hardware is up to date with ample security. Every Chromebook is up to date, all the time.

Chrome Enterprise

You can adjust your Chromebook to fit your spec, design or price needs.
All you need to do to hit the ground running is log in.

Chrome Enterprise logoWith Chrome Enterprise Upgrade you can uncover the business possibilities of Chrome OS and Chrome devices. Upgrade to exceptional security, flexible access, central control and round the clock admin support.

Reimagine your employee experience in a safe way with Chromebooks and Chrome Enterprise

In this e-book, we'll dive deeper on how Chrome Enterprise can empower your workforce. And importantly, to do so in a secure way. 

We’ll introduce all the security features of Chrome Enterprise and Chromebooks & why organisations opt for Chrome Enterprise.

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Ebook - Expert Voices - Reimagine your employee experience in a safe way with Chrome Enterprise
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Digital Signage

digital signage in store

Broadcast information on a large scale in places like airports, shopping centres, schools and offices efficiently with digital signage.

Leverage the right content distribution platforms to display content on digital screens from a central console:

  • Programmes
  • Advertisements
  • Menus
  • Other information  

A digital signage provider can guide your exploration of the possibilities of educating, entertaining, communicating with and overall informing your intended audiences with the right messages and content.


Jamboard is a collaborative, digital whiteboard that makes it effortless for your team to share ideas in real-time and create without boundaries.

With its 4k display, Jamboard is perfect for:

  • Jotting down ideas on the screen
  • Pinning images and graphics directly from the web
  • Extracting information from documents to unlock and inspire your team’s creativity.

Unite your team from anywhere, on different devices synchronised with Google Workspace.

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