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Whatever industry you're in: we have experience in anticipating and solving the challenges specific to your industry. Explore Google solutions for retail, manufacturing, healthcare & public sector.

Every industry is different, with various specific needs & challenges.

We pride ourselves in finding and delivering solutions as unique as the verticals they intend to serve. Make your move to the Cloud with the right layers of support of our team of certified Google Cloud experts.

Partner up with us to get the most out of the Cloud for your organisation!

Local Governments

Public sectors can serve its citizens smarter in the cloud. Cloud solutions can boost operational effectiveness and reshape public services, often at reduced costs. It’s an innovative way of working.

We work with 100+ municipalities in the Nordics alone, transforming the way they serve their citizens, organise education or boost collaboration between departments and organisations.

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Google for Retail
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Better omnichannel operations, elevated competitiveness and more significant insights into business performance are some of the benefits of retail in the cloud with Devoteam. Make better decisions and serve your customers smarter with cloud solutions tailored to your business model.

Our work with leaders in retail like Carrefour, Auchan, Gant and Happy Socks makes us the obvious choice for retailers in search of that competitive edge. 


Modern manufacturing is dynamic, and we present cloud solutions that offer a platform for manufacturers to deliver greater scalability, smarter innovation and improved supplier integration. Devoteam understands that cloud computing is indispensable in the maturing of manufacturing.

We’re here to help infuse the right IT solutions to revolutionise the way manufacturers approach the production and supply process.

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Google in Healthcare industry
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Improve patient care and collaboration between healthcare professionals by leveraging Google Cloud’s suite of intelligent solutions.

From improving the way your healthcare organisation communicates or collaborates, to the setup of solid data & analytics solutions to make better informed decisions based on data. 

Our experience in the healthcare industry will help you in your move to secure, scalable solutions like Google Cloud, Google Workspace or Chrome Enterprise.

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