Get more out of your data & analytics in manufacturing

How do you become a more data-driven manufacturing organisation?

That’s the question a lot of manufacturers are asking themselves these days. The answer is not straightforward. It stretches a variety of topics related to data & analytics: how do you collect data effectively, how do you integrate your data & how do you efficiently activate actionable insights out of your data?
What ís a fact, is that the manufacturers that succeed in becoming more data-driven, gain a competitive advantage.

This interactive roundtable event is designed for manufacturing business & IT leaders to get insights in how other manufacturers are using data & smart analytics to get ahead of their competition, together with Google Cloud. 

You’ll discover a variety of use cases and inspiration from your peers & experts to set up your own future-proof data & analytics strategy.

Topics that will be discussed in the on-demand introduction session:

  • how can manufacturing organisations become (more) data-driven?
  • A roadmap towards better data & analytics in manufacturing

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  • Intro session: How to become a data-driven manufacturing organisation? A roadmap for manufacturers to get more out of their data with Google Cloud
  • Roundtable Brainstorm Session 1: Business Intelligence in Manufacturing with Google Cloud
  • Roundtable Brainstorm Session 2: AI & ML in Manufacturing with Google Cloud
  • Roundtable Brainstorm Session 3: API’s in Manufacturing with Google Cloud

For who?

  • IT managers
  • CIOs
  • CTOs
  • CEOs
  • Data & analytics decision makers in manufacturing organisations
  • Digital Transformation Managers