Digital transformation of your Workplace to attract Young Talents & Create a Culture of Engagement – Digital Workplace Breakfast Club

Special HR-Leaders Edition

By the year 2025 millennials will make up 75% of the workforce worldwide. What do millennials want from an employer? How can you attract them to join your company? There are several elements to make your workplace millennial-proof. One of them is to make your workplace fully digital.

Millennials have grown up with Gmail and Google Workspace. They have always been connected from anywhere and expect that to be the norm within their workplace.

In this 30-min online event, you’ll hear how you can transform your business to attract & retain millennials. Discover 3 ways How Google Workspace Helps Companies Attract Top Young Talent.

Learn How to shift up a gear by introducing new tech and change management in your company.


  • Get the latest digital workplace insights for HR Leaders.
  • How can Google Workspace help you attract young talent?
  • Shape your company culture with Google Workspace.
  • Making sure the change sticks: How To Make the Best of Your Transition to Google Workspace