Google Workspace vs. Office 365: which office suite is best for your business?

When comparing office or collaboration suites, one comparison that is often made is the one between Google Workspace and Microsoft's Office 365. Watch this on-demand Google Workspace webinar to discover the main differences between these popular office suites.

You’ve made your decision to move to a cloud-based office suite: congratulations! You’re well on your way towards the digital transformation of your workplace.

But how do you compare Google Workspace vs. Office 365? Which office suite will enhance the digital transformation of your business?

Lots of companies have already moved towards cloud based productivity tools and office suites. Others are in the stage of considering whether they should go for Google Workspace or Microsoft’s Office 365. 

Extra flexibility & security is something that both options offer, but what are the reasons to pick one or the other? We’ll highlight the different aspects throughout this webinar, with a focus on Google Workspace.

Join this on-demand webinar to learn from experts and our customer Arvesta what the differences are between Google Workspace and Office 365 and how to choose the right office suite for your company

After viewing the webinar you will be able to make a better informed decision between Google Workspace & Microsoft Office 365.


  • Introduction to workforce transformation & Google Workspace
  • The differences between Google Workspace & Microsoft Office 365
  • Use Case: Hear why & how our customer Arvesta made the move from MS Office to Google Workspace 
  • Q&A 

Join this webinar if you’re a…

  • IT decision maker
  • CIO or IT Solution architect
  • HR Director or decision maker
  • COO
  • CEO