Hybrid Cloud & Multi-Cloud Success with Anthos

Session hosted at the Devoteam G Cloud Days : The Next Wave of Innovation

Hybrid Cloud & Multi-Cloud Success with Anthos

Discover what Google Cloud’s Anthos technology is & how your organisation can jumpstart a hybrid or multi-cloud strategy with Anthos. Watch this session to learn more.

Unifiedpost, a prominent European Fintech, shares their Anthos journey story in this Hybrid & Multi-cloud Session.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What is Anthos and why it is a competitive advantage for companies
  • How hybrid and multi-cloud takes shapes with Anthos
  • The main benefits and the key features of Anthos
  • How Unifiedpost is using Anthos to accelerate their hybrid and multi-cloud strategy

In this session, we will provide an in-depth look at different layers of the Anthos platform and how to leverage its capabilities — so your organisation can move forward with its goals of modernising applications for the cloud era. 


  • Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Strategy: choosing the right modernisation journey
  • Anthos: the application modernisation platform that transforms enterprise applications
  • Anthos Deep Dive: discovering key-features
    • Increase application visibility with Anthos Service Mesh
    • Modernise app security with Anthos Configuration Management
  • Demo of Anthos clusters on bare metal. Our experts will show how you can easily deploy applications on your own hardware infrastructure
  • Customer case of Unified Post 
  • Q&A

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