Reopening your Workplace

How will the post-pandemic workplace look like?

Companies are now preparing their workplace to welcome their employees again. Do you know how to best prepare your company and employees for this new workplace? Join this webinar to find out.

Returning to the office can be challenging for employees. But it’s a challenge that employers can and should support their employees through. How do you make sure to get your employees on board? Without employee buy-in, even the best-crafted plans are likely to run into trouble. 

It’s time to re-imagine the workplace of tomorrow.

How will the post-pandemic workplace look like? One thing is sure: the workplace we will return to won’t be the one we left.

Now is the time for organisations to re-image the digital workplace of tomorrow. How can employers turn this crisis into an opportunity to strengthen the corporate culture, boost the use of collaboration tools, increase employee engagement and boost productivity and loyalty over the long run?

Discover the internal communication challenges and digital workplace challenges raised by this Covid-19 crisis.

What will you learn in this webinar?

  • What do you need to do as an employer to prepare your workplace for a return to work?
  • Where does your organisation need to adapt to become more flexible?
  • What are the challenges you will face when you will reintroduce your workplace to your employees?
  • How to keep engagement up in your organisation
  • How to you implement a digital workplace
  • How to communicate with your employees

In this webinar give you practical advice and tips on how to prepare your workplace for your people to return to work. Our experts present quick and effective answers to manage your digital workplace and your internal communications.

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  • Introduction 
  • How to bring employees back safely to your workplace?
  • How to manage the stream of internal communication? 
  • Facilitate real-time collaboration to have a better working from home experience
  • Reshaping the future of Remote Work by digitising processes
  • Q&A

For who?

Anyone interested in understanding how this new workplace will look like and how you can best prepare your company and employees for this;