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Meet Mario Alonso: EMEA Presales Leader Google Workspace at Devoteam G Cloud

In this series, we’ll put the spotlight on Devoteam G Cloud experts who are always at the forefront of progress in the exciting and ever-changing world of Google Cloud. In this article, you’ll meet Mario Alonso, Presales Engineer in Google Workspace at Devoteam G Cloud Spain. Join us to learn more about his fascinating work and his impact on the Google Workspace universe.

Hello everyone! I’m Mario Alonso, and at Devoteam G Cloud I work as a Presales Engineer. My previous experience in startups and as a programmer have been the perfect base for my current role. In a nutshell, I spend my days analyzing the needs of our customers to help them adopt Google Workspace solutions that improve their productivity and efficiency.

On a day-to-day basis, I’m involved in client meetings, product presentations and team collaborations with my colleagues in operations. From the first cup of coffee to the last click of the day, my main goal is to thoroughly understand what our customers need and deliver customized solutions that drive their business success. In addition, I’m always looking for an opportunity to stay up to date on innovations in Google Workspace.

Could you share some examples of real projects you’ve worked on?

Sure! I’ve had the privilege of participating in a variety of exciting projects. I recently worked on a ChromeOS proof of concept with a Contact Center company, which lasted a year. In this proof of concept after evaluating customer requirements, the tools used, testing and end user training, we successfully deployed ChromeOS to 3,000 users. These projects have not only been challenging, but have also demonstrated the tangible impact that our technology solutions can have on the daily operations of companies.

How do you collaborate with other teams or departments within Devoteam G Cloud?

Collaboration with other teams and departments is critical to the success of our projects and customer satisfaction. I work closely with the commercial team, operations team and support engineers to ensure successful project delivery and optimal customer experience.

What advice would you give to someone aspiring to become a Presales Engineer at Google Workspace?

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“I recommend acquiring a deep understanding of Google Workspace, strong communication skills, and ability to quickly adapt to changing customer needs. In addition, the Google Workspace Administrator and ChromeOS Administrator certifications are very valuable.”

What is the best thing about your job?

The best part of my job is seeing how the solutions I recommend have a positive impact on the productivity and collaboration of our clients’ teams, and how they tell you about it.

What are the most challenging aspects of your job and how do you overcome them?

As a Presales Engineer, I constantly face the challenge of understanding each client’s unique needs and finding the best way to address them with Google Workspace solutions. During a recent migration project, we faced compatibility issues with the client’s existing tools and obstacles related to releasing an existing domain. To overcome these challenges, we worked closely with the customer and the technical operations team. We worked together to resolve the compatibility issues and release of the reserved domain, implementing a successful change management project to promote the effective use of the new collaboration tools. This collaborative and proactive approach allowed us to overcome obstacles and ensure a successful migration to Google Workspace for the client.

Your job in 1 sentence?

Help customers maximize their potential and secure their environment with Google Workspace solutions.

What is your best moment as a G Clouder?

My best moment as a G Clouder was when I saw how a company with more than 50,000 employees completely transform the way they work thanks to the implementation of Google Workspace, achieving a significant improvement in efficiency and collaboration.

How would you describe your team? How do you move together?

My team is really special. We are a group of people who are passionate about technology and get along incredibly well. What brings us together is our shared commitment to making our customers feel at home with Google Workspace solutions.

Everyone knows their role and how they fit into the team. But what really makes us special is our innovative mindset. We don’t settle for the basics, we’re always looking for new ways of doing things. And when we’re presented with a challenge, we go at it with everything we’ve got. Because we know that together, we can overcome any obstacle.

Go big: what does it mean to you?

Go big means thinking in a different way and not having a limit.

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“Never wait for someone to tell you to do it, if you think it’s best for the customer and Devoteam G Cloud DO IT.”

Your job in 1 word is … ?



I see my role as a Presales Engineer at Google Workspace as a bridge between our customers and our success. I act as a link that connects their needs with innovative Google Workspace solutions. My goal is to build a solid bridge that enables them to achieve their business goals by providing expertise, knowledge and support in implementing these solutions. My job is to facilitate their path to business success by integrating technology and processes that drive their growth and efficiency.

In summary, Mario Alonso, our exceptional Presales Engineer at Google Workspace, is not only a technology expert, but also a true partner to our customers. His commitment to excellence, his ability to overcome challenges and his focus on building bridges between customer needs and Google Workspace solutions make him an invaluable asset to Devoteam G Cloud. Through his dedicated work and passion for helping customers reach their full potential, Mario embodies Devoteam G Cloud’s mission to drive business success through innovative technology.

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At Devoteam G Cloud, we believe in setting the pace, moving together and going big. We are always looking for passionate technology enthusiasts to fill key positions on our team.