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More Than a Team Leader: Mikael’s Journey at Devoteam

Meet Mikael, a Senior Cloud Architect, who rose from Intern to Team Leader at Devoteam. Discover his journey of continuous learning and building trust.

Mikael working as Team Leader at Devoteam
Mikael at Devoteam office in Stockholm.

In this series, we spotlight Devoteam G Cloud’s experts driving progress in the exciting Google Cloud world. Meet Mikael, a Senior Cloud Architect and Team Leader based in Stockholm, whose journey exemplifies the power of trust, continuous learning, and embracing new challenges. Read another story in the series.

A Foundation Built on Trust

Mikael’s story is one deeply rooted in trust. From his early days as a Google Cloud Platform intern at Devoteam G Cloud, he was entrusted with projects that stretched beyond his initial skillset, allowing him to prove his capabilities and grow into the cloud specialist and team leader he is today. This unwavering trust, both from his mentors and the clients he serves, is the cornerstone of his success.

Team Leader Fostering Transparency

As the leader of an agile team, Mikael fosters an environment of openness and collaboration. He believes that trust and transparency go hand-in-hand, and this approach has not only strengthened his team but also led to more successful customer projects. His philosophy is simple: “As long as they trust me, I know that we will have a successful project.”

From Developer to Cloud Architect

Mikael’s journey at Devoteam G Cloud began as a developer, but his curiosity and eagerness to learn led him to explore the world of cloud computing. He dedicated countless hours to mastering Google Cloud, transforming himself into a highly skilled cloud architect. This dedication to continuous learning is a testament to his passion for technology and his commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry.

Join Mikael and the Cloud Pioneers

At Devoteam G Cloud, Mikael is part of a team of innovators. They are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with Google Cloud technology. Are you a tech enthusiast with a hunger for knowledge and a desire to make a real impact? Consider joining our team.

Team of Devoteam's experts running together

Join Mikael in the Nordics for an Exciting Career

Our close relationship with Google and unique, open culture offer unparalleled opportunities for you to shape the future of technology. If you want to collaborate directly with Google, learn cutting-edge tech, and have your voice truly heard, join the Devoteam G Cloud team!