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GKE Foundation

GKE Foundation helps you accelerate the adoption of the most advanced container orchestration tool focusing on networking, security, cost optimisation and automation for an overall better day-2 operations experience.

Accelerating your cloud native journey with our accelerator by designing and building GKE and Kubernetes environment  in compliance with the best practices and your business requirements

World-class app at scale securely with high performance and increased developer productivity:

  • Features and improvements delivered faster
  • Generate development environments in minutes, not days
  • Save money by optimizing infrastructural resources thanks to the more efficient use of hardware

App Modernization:

  • Build and deploy apps faster at scale on a single secure platform to manage apps across environments.
  • Gain autonomy and control over the operation of the GCP infrastructure

Why this accelerator? 

Our experience with GKE and Kubernetes began in 2019 and evolved throughout the years as the product and kubernetes ecosystem evolved. Along the way we mastered CNCF & 3rd party tool solutions to ease the management of your Kubernetes environment.

  • You want to set up a production ready environment to host securely and reliably your applications. .
  • You want to move to Kubernetes on-prem on GKE to get the most from the managed services letting you focus on app development only.
  • You wanna go deeper into each domain to assess and implement your own requirements and automate everything.

For who?   

Customers often want to utilize GKE and containers to solve business use cases, modernizing your development processes while adhering to certain regulations of data locality or scaling globally.

For startup and enterprise in any industry

For companies kickstarting their cloud native journey

For companies already using GKE.

Get to production with GKE Foundation ASAP. How can you benefit of the GKE Foundations?

By employing our consulting services, you can get an actionable plan for Kubernetes remediation as well as practical advice on how to secure, automate, upgrade, monitor and run cost-optimized Kubernetes applications.

Kubernetes Architecture design and implementation

CI/CD Pipeline to ensure continuous app delivery

A Secure and Harden platform for your apps

An Observability package solution for monitoring and track logs

Backup and Restore solution

A better day-2 operations experience overall

Accelerate your GKE with these off-the shelf deployment packages

Based on our experience, we have defined “Packages” that match common use cases.
Pre-packaged solutions including methodology, best practices and off the shelf assets developed by Devoteam G CLoud.


Light package with GKE clusters setup suitable for PoC, Sandbox, Innovation environments, ensuring the minimum is in place to guarantee proper behavior of GKE cluster and GCP services.


Standard package with GKE clusters Set up suitable for production ready environment to host securely and reliably the clients applications or data workloads. Automate everything (IaC with Terraform).


Advanced package go deep into each domain to assess and implement the clients own requirements. Automate everything (IaC with Terraform),  setting up the CI/CD (Docker image creation per environment, triggered deployment), suitable for large scale deployments.

Do you want to discuss your own project with us? 

Get in touch with

Mark De Winne

Google Cloud Business Developer at Devoteam G Cloud