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Get to data insights 3x faster with Flycs.

Focus on getting the right business insights, faster. Automate the rest of the work & ensure data governance with framework Flycs.


Accelerate your data & analytics with Flycs!

Flycs is designed for you & your team to get rid of repeating tasks and processes when setting up or modernising your data & analytics. It lets you focus on what matters: getting the business insights from your data, as fast as possible.  

This is what you can expect from the framework:

  • Allows you to treat your data pipelines like a software problem
  • Automate your data governance
  • Deploy your data pipelines as SQL using GitOps
  • Deploy your pipelines across environments (sbx, dev, qa, prod) without changing any code
  • Automate dependencies between tasks
  • One-click deployment of your full data ecosystem
  • Automatically encrypt sensitive data within BigQuery

“Flycs helps Enterprises to focus on business insights by accelerating and automating processes for building smart analytics solutions on Google Cloud” Sven Hermans, Head of Data & Analytics, Devoteam G Cloud

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Why this accelerator?

  • Consistency: there is a need for an industrialised approach across all data layers and tools
  • Avoid complexity: Flycs abstract most of the infrastructure management and let you focus on business insight
  • Data governance: Have a clear view on data lineage with field level lineage and encrypt sensitive data such as PII data. 
  • Data discovery: Data needs to be discoverable and available for both technical  and business users

For who?

  • Do you want to accelerate your time to valuable business insights out of your data?
  • Modernise the data & analytics approach at your enterprise?
  • Set up a solid data & analytics platform with strong data governance & DevOps in place?

Sounds like you? Then Flycs is a great solution for your business!

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How can you benefit from this accelerator?

Save time

Fast-track your data & analytics projects up to 3x.

Automate processes like config management, versioning, orchestration, monitoring, PII management, testing & resource deployment

Easy Replication & Consistency

Fast & Easy replication with only one click for different organisations.

Standardise structures & processes.

Fix your organisations’ data governance policies on a global level.

Out-of-the-box DataOps

Use a state-of-the-art DevOps ecosystem.

Deployment stability, readable declarative code, fast iteration, fully managed CI/CD, Infrastructure-as-code & much more at your fingertips.

Avoid Complexity & Need of Expertise

Building an industrialised & agile data warehouse in the Cloud requires expertise in some complicated tools.

Flycs abstract these difficulties for you so that you can jump-start with your transformations.

Additional benefits of Flycs 

No vender lock-in

No Black Box: full transparency

You’re in full control, no loss of flexibility

Accelerated success stories

IJsvogel Retail’s path to enhanced security and efficiency with a solid Google Cloud Foundation

IJsvogel Retail, renowned for retail chains Pets Place and Boerenbond, has completed a transformative cloud project. Their Google Cloud setup, strengthened by industry best practices and top-notch security through IAM, ensures operational efficiency. With the addition of a managed service pack, peace of mind is guaranteed. IJsvogel Retail is now primed for future expansion.

Modernising Carrefour’s data architecture

Carrefour handles an immense amount of data and making the best ROI from this data is a challenge. That’s where the data framework of Devoteam G Cloud comes in.

Do you want to accelerate your data warehouse project with top-notch technologies and avoid common pitfalls?

Want to know more?

  • Flycs is designed to get rid of repeating tasks and processes when setting up a datawarehouse or modernising your data & analytics.
  • Book your personal demo with a member of the product team right now
  • Contact us to talk about which subscription fits best for your organisation.