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Devoteam is playing a pivotal role as a strategic partner, guiding Pasar Jaya through the cloud migration and transformation journey. Devoteam was also instrumental in modernizing their technology stack and supporting their rapidly growing development team.

About the customer

Perumda Pasar Jaya is a regional-owned enterprise (BUMD) in Jakarta, Indonesia, responsible for managing and developing traditional markets in the capital city. Established in 1972, it currently oversees 148 out of 153 markets in Jakarta, generating an annual business turnover exceeding Rp 150 trillion. Pasar Jaya plays a significant role in Jakarta’s economy by providing affordable goods and services to the public. It also supports local businesses and entrepreneurs by offering them a platform to sell their products.

The Challenges

Pasar Jaya is currently grappling with the challenge of supporting the rapid expansion of its development team. Their application known as (KJP), which runs on-premises and in a co-location environment, was experiencing bottlenecks on its application servers, the problem they faced was that the application could not accommodate loads of national scale and their ability to efficiently scale up and modernize their technology stack. The rapid growth of the development team required a more agile and scalable application and data platform.

To overcome this challenge, Pasar Jaya plans to adopt a cloud-based solution that can provide the modern and efficient infrastructure required to meet their expanding business needs. Migrating to the cloud will enable Pasar Jaya to introduce new technologies and capabilities, enhancing the productivity and responsiveness of their development team to the company’s evolving demands.

The Solutions

Devoteam, as Pasar Jaya’s partner, provides comprehensive solutions to address the company’s challenges. Initially, Devoteam helped Pasar Jaya build a basic cloud infrastructure on Google Cloud Platform as a base for cloud-based applications and services. This Google Cloud Platform Landing Zone will provide the necessary foundation for Pasar Jaya to grow. To improve the security and performance of KJP application, Devoteam set up cloud-based traffic scrubbing capabilities using Google Cloud Platform services such as Cloud Armor and Cloud CDN. This will help Pasar Jaya protect their KJP application and ensure a seamless user experience. In addition, Devoteam implemented a comprehensive data analytics solution for Pasar Jaya using various Google Cloud Platform services, including Dataflow, Dataprep, BigQuery, and Looker. 

This enables Pasar Jaya to leverage data-driven insights to support decision-making and drive their business forward. In addition, Devoteam helped Pasar Jaya leverage Google Cloud Platform’s advanced AI/ML capabilities, including BigQuery ML and Vertex AI, to build and deploy intelligent applications and services. This will enable Pasar Jaya to harness the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve their offerings and gain a competitive advantage. Finally, as a Managed Service Provider (MSP) and Google Cloud Premier Partner.

The adoption of cloud technology is the basis for achieving the next milestone in the digital transformation road map at Perumda Pasar Jaya, namely applying Cloud-Based Gen AI from all data that has been well integrated.

The Results

Pasar Jaya gets tangible results. By migrating their KJP application to the Google Cloud Platform, Pasar Jaya has seen improved application performance and the ability to scale their infrastructure more efficiently to support their rapid development team expansion. Additionally, Pasar Jaya successfully adopted advanced AI/ML capabilities on the Google Cloud Platform, including BigQuery ML and Vertex AI, to build and utilize intelligent applications and services, allowing them to enhance their offerings and gain a competitive edge in the market. Furthermore, by setting up cloud-based traffic scrubbing using Google Cloud Platform services such as Cloud Armor and Cloud CDN, Pasar Jaya can enhance the security and performance of their applications, ensuring a smooth user experience.

With Devoteam’s expertise as a Managed Service Provider, Pasar Jaya can also anticipate the efficient management, maintenance, and optimization of their Google Cloud Platform-based infrastructure and applications, allowing them to focus on their core business objectives. Ultimately, Pasar Jaya has successfully transitioned their on-premise and co-location infrastructure to the cloud, adopting modern technologies and practices that will support the rapid growth and expansion of their development team, enabling them to modernize their technology stack, improve efficiency, and increase their profitability.

The adoption of Google Cloud technology allows companies to easily customize capacity as needed, thus enabling the scalability and elasticity needed to support business growth.

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