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they deserve.

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Say goodbye to search - and a big hello to getting stuff done.

With Swoopr, your employees immediately get the right personalised answers, data and procedures for all their questions.  And with a simple chat message, they can start or follow up on any of your business processes, 24/7. 

Swoopr frees up valuable time for your office manager, internal help desks, HR advisors, team leaders or subject matter experts. Get stuff done, now.

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Why your employees are not getting stuff done

Time spent searching
Employees spend 20% of their time searching for information and documents. When they don't find things, they rely on your costly experts and support staff.
Screenshot 2020-01-31 at 7.32.38 AM
On average, employees have to learn and use 120+ apps and tools, just to get their work done.
Each of those apps generates new questions and a cost for supporting your employees. 
Vital knowledge gets lost as your expert staff leaves the company.
Their know-how is typically scattered across tools and docs, and sometimes only exists in their heads.

Turn your existing content, business data and processes into super-personalised conversations.



Build multi-turn conversations using drag & drop


Get precise answers from complex business spreadsheets


Connect any SaaS tool to get data and perform micro-processes


Import and manage your existing FAQs from a CSV file


Segment and personalize responses based on user profile & groups


Crowd-source unanswered questions to your expert employees

Connect your SaaS applications

Add value to your employee assistant by setting up API connections to your existing SaaS tools - and take advantage of our prebuilt connectors.


  • Create tickets
  • Search tickets
  • List tickets
  • Search knowledge articles


  • Search people 
  • Search intranet content 
  • Post directly from Swoopr
  • Search catalogues
  • ... and many more use cases

Sales & CRM tools

  • Get a view on your pipeline
  • Add and manage leads
  • Get customer contact details
  • Coach your sales team
  • Get on-the-fly stats
  • Monitor your KPIs

G Suite & 0365

  • Use spreadsheets as answer database
  • Sync Users and Groups for segmentation and setting up governance
  • Use calendar and document data in smart conversations
  • Get the most relevant results from Google Cloud Search

API Connection Center

  • Connect your own company's APIs
  • Connect external APIs from your vendors
  • Connect public APIs (weather, traffic, etc.)

Custom Connectors

As there are 100s of market-leading cloud tools out there, chances are your favourite platform is not mentioned here yet.

Our team can build custom connectors in a matter of days to quickly onboard your use cases and make sure Swoopr adds value for you from day 1.

Talk to Swoopr in your favourite
chat application

Use your company's preferred chat applications or channel to talk with Swoopr - as if  you were talking to your office manager, an expert colleague or an internal help desk agent.






Swoopr App

Kickstart your Swoopr with prebuilt conversation packs.

To save time to get your first employee assistant live, we have bundles employees' most common questions. Add them with 1 click and then customise the responses.


Who is John's manager? Give me the phone number of the procurement team in France. Who can help me out with setting up a new JIRA board?


How many days do I have left this year?Cancel my holiday request for next week. Can I get my cracked windshield repaired or do I wait for the insurance guys?


Where is the sales pitch template for the EMEA market? What's the HEX code for our dirty green colour? Give me the transparent version of our logo.


What's the address of our London Vitality building? Where is Susan located? Do we have big conference rooms for up to 50 people equipped with a Google Jamboard?


Where can I get a replacement laptop?What's the WIFI password again? How can I get a license for JIRA? How can I connect from home and what the hell is a 'VPN'?

Business Apps

What's the tool I should use for managing my projects? Where can I find the finance reports for my business unit? What's the link to the holiday request module again?


Reduce internal support costs
and 10x your employee journey

Reduce time spent searching or giving support

Swoopr lets your employees cut the line: it takes away searching and navigating and literally speeds up information retrieval with a 10X factor by understanding the use case and the questions, and giving precise, bite-size answers

Get more value from your existing content and data  platforms

If you don't know where things are - or that they exist in the first place - it's hard to get value out of it. Swoopr brings back valuable data that may be buried somewhere in your documents, databases or Saas tools.

Improve the onboarding and adoption for your other SaaS software

Swoopr provides 1 single chat interface to interact with your SaaS tools. In this way your employees can use the same app for requesting holidays, getting up to date sales figures or updating your internal product database.

Built for demanding


Control who can access and manage your conversations.


Apply your branding, logo, colours and fonts

Multi-language and multi-instance

Create separate  assistants for countries or business units if needed, and provide manual or auto-translations for your content.


Our built-in analytics guide you to make your employee assistant even better

Identity Management

Synchronize employee profiles and groups for personalisation and segmentation

External publishing

Display your Swoopr content on your intranet with embed codes or RSS, or use our API to create your own views and widgets

Meet our founders.


Armin Fabritius

CPO & co-founder

Armin's passion for innovation, process improvement and technology led him to connect the dots and bring Swoopr to life.
With 20 years of experience in project & crisis management and in communication technology, he steers the team as Chief Product Officer (CPO) to build an innovative product that solves real-life business problems.

partin imeri

Partin Imeri

CTO & co-founder

Partin's experience in leading technical teams and building solid cloud solutions helps Swoopr to architect our product for the future. 

As CTO and co-founder, Partin makes sure that Swoopr meets today's and tomorrow's challenges with regards to functionality, technology and security.

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Get Early Access

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Why Early Access?

  • Be part of the first 5 VIP customers to test drive Swoopr
  • Free services for setting up your MVP
  • Free training for your core team and subject matter experts
  • Influence our product roadmap with features tailored to your organisation's use cases
  • Use Swoopr free of charge for 3 months, then benefit of a 50% discount on the list price for the next 12 months, and 25% discount for the next 2 years
  • Get VIP Support for 12 months


  • Minimum of 100 employees
  • Google G Suite or Microsoft Azure AD as identity provider
  • You have an internal sponsor on C-level
  • You have knowledge experts available that can help you feed Swoopr
  • You have an intranet where we can embed Swoopr, or you use Google Chat, Slack or Microsoft Teams for team communications.
  • Preference for customers using LumApps Social Intranet and/or Zendesk for employee support.

Approach & timing

It takes about 6 weeks to set up Swoopr, train your experts and build  & test the first version. During this track, we typically rely on the following profiles from the customer's side:

  • IT administrators
  • Internal communications
  • Digital Workplace team
  • Business subject matter experts in domains like HR, Fleet, Finance, Products and Services, Engineering, Operations, Marketing & Communications...

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