Enhance Your
Customer Experience 

Hyper personalise your Customer Experience & increase your marketing ROI with Cloud for Marketing.

Leverage Google Cloud's Machine Learning & artificial intelligence technologies on top of your marketing data & analytics in the Cloud.

Marketing teams & CMO's are often struggling to...

Integrate customer data 

Offer a consistent multi-channel Customer Experience

Increase ROI on Media Spend

Personalise Customer Experience & Marketing Campaigns

Solving for better marketing

Cloud for Marketing is a toolset that accelerates your marketing data journey & boosts your marketing ROI dramatically.

Use Cloud for Marketing solutions to enable or supercharge the following:

Provide a holistic view of customers by connecting data across unintegrated data systems

Offer integrated, secure data architecture

Collect, transform, and analyse data to generate visual insights and actionable business outcomes

Accelerate time to insight through the power, scalability, and reduced IT overhead

Increase ROI on marketing campaigns

Predict marketing & business outcomes

Create personalised customer experiences 

Get a clearer picture of the customer journey

Innovate with the latest AI & ML technology

Understand your Customer Journey better

Get a much better view on the customer journey by unifying all your data from the marketing tools that you use.

Integrate data from ad campaigns to loyalty programs, in-store data, website & app visits and more. Gain advanced insights in how customers interact with your business.

Customer Journey Cloud for Marketing Analytics

Predict marketing & business results

How do prospects & customers engage with your business? With Google Cloud’s powerful machine learning & artificial intelligence technology you can get a clear view on this engagement & interaction.

Use these valuable customer insights to predict the impact of your marketing & business decisions. 

Predicting business results with analytics

Personalise & enhance the customer experience

Build engaging, interactive Customer Experiences across all your channels: online & offline. Drive revenue for your business, decrease churn and increase customer loyalty. 

Use Google Cloud technology to segment your customers & prospects better, create custom audiences and personalise your content - at scale.

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Easily collect & integrate your organisation's data across all data sources and silos. 

Products involved:
  • Company & 3rd party data
  • Data lake / data warehouse
  • GA 360 Suite
  • Google Ads
  • Google Marketing Platform


Empower your data analysts to clean-up data with easy to use tools, no coding required



Focus on valuable insights from your data. Even the largest queries return in seconds rather than minutes or hours.

Products involved:


Create insightful & beautiful business dashboards to visualise insights from your data. Collaborate with teams & easily give everyone the right access.



Focus on impacting your business. Make insights count by activating them in optimised & hyper personalised marketing activities. Drastically increase ROI.

Products involved:

Devoteam G Cloud Services

Work with Google Cloud Premier partner Devoteam G Cloud to ensure a smooth marketing analytics and Cloud for Marketing project.

Our expertise enables you to get to success, faster. From strategy, assessment, planning to execution & optimisation: we make sure your project is successfully delivered within time & budget.

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Make sure your data is securely stored & used with Google Cloud's secure-by-design, multi-layered security solutions.

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Boost your marketing with an easy-to-use framework for personalisation: Nessie.

Create a holistic view of your customers & get every bit of your visitor's interactions without the need for an expensive Analytics license.

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