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devoteam gcloud google cloud cloud computing

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Cloud-Native App Development

Build and run modern apps on a serverless platform with Google Cloud.

Neón en inglés que traducido significa "los datos tienen una mejor idea"

Data & Smart Analytics

Innovate with Data & Smart Analytics Get real-time, advanced business insights out of your data and become truly data-driven.

Modernise your IT infrastructure

Consolidate on-premises data centers & migrate your workloads to the Cloud. We meet you where you are and modernise your IT infrastructure together.

Chatbots & Contact Center Solutions

Creating chatbots and voice bots that interact with customers and employees 24/7, has never been so easy.

Digital Workplace

Take the step to a more modern, digital workplace with solutions like Google Workspace and Chrome Enterprise. Increase your workforce’s collaboration & efficiency.

Video Conferencing

Customer stories. Your business can become a leading company. Just like these.

Perumda Pasar Jaya Cloud Migration & Modernization with Devoteam’s Expertise

Devoteam is playing a pivotal role as a strategic partner,…

Implementing Embedded Analytics within Bynder’s Digital Asset Management

Bynder, Industry-Leading DAM (digital asset management) software Bynder is an…

How Bambuser optimized their BigQuery costs

Video commerce innovator Bambuser partnered with Devoteam G Cloud to…

Pupuk Indonesia Successfully Streamlines Data Extraction Process Time 

Devoteam plays a  role in this project as the collaborative…

bunq’s Gen AI Hackathon

bunq’s Gen AI Hackathon – Two days of bringing Tech & Business experts together to build AI use cases on the Google Cloud Platform.

Nicolab’s Security Implementation

Read how Nicolab implemented clear guidelines and security best practices to use the full potential of Google Workspace. The project evaluated business process security and efficiency, hardened Google Workspace settings, and proposed process changes to key stakeholders.

Lucky Cart: The power of data analysis for consumers, retailers and brands

Thanks to Google Cloud, Lucky Cart can now processes very…

Unleash the Power of Unified Data: A Journey with Reitan Convenience

Does your company have a problem with scattered data? Then come and see how we help Reitan to make the best solution for centralising their data!

Taming the Log Storm: A Centralised Logging Solution for Reitan Convenience

Come and see how Reitan’s centralised logging system is developing day by day, and how it enables it’s experts to make high-level data-driven decisions.

Services. Get more ROI out of Google Cloud with our services.

As a certified Google Cloud Premier Partner, we set your company & teams up for success with Google Cloud solutions. Make sure the technologies you choose for are implemented to benefit your business to the maximum. Optimise your spend & resources. Count on your partner Devoteam G Cloud to solve your most complicated business challenges. And to realise your boldest ideas – together!

Google Cloud Training

Do you want to learn more about Google Cloud? Get your team trained? Take a training with our experts & get up to speed about any Google Cloud topic in no time.

Technology Consulting

Get the best value out of your IT investments to achieve your business objectives with Cloud. Explore our different Technology Consulting services.

Google Cloud Managed Services

Our Managed Services team delivers, oversees, and anticipates the full range of your IT outsourcing needs. Beyond projects and one-off deliverables, we strive to build long-term relationships with our clients centred around continuous and sustained excellence.

Google Cloud Services

Explore the full potential of your ideas and leave the details of your IT infrastructure, platform reliability, and performance to our Google Cloud experts at Devoteam G Cloud.

Leverage powerful Google Cloud technology

Modernise your IT infrastructure with Google Cloud. Grow your business with powerful compute products, big data analytics & scalable storage with low maintenance.

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Increase Operational Efficiency, Reduce Manual Effort & Accelerate Business Innovation. Explore how Doc AI gives you a 2.5x higher “straight through” (no human reviews) rate than other OCR/ templates & a 60% lower TCO.

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The integrated, collaborative, cloud-based tool Google Workspace will transform your traditional workplace to the desired digital workplace.

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Enable your users to access data, applications, and extensions securely.

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Google Maps Platform is Google’s powerful solution to find places, routes or businesses.

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Google Meet makes it easy to start a secure video meeting. Join from any modern web browser or download the app, and you’re ready to go.

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Reach your end goals faster with Google Cloud accelerators. Our experts have built more than 10 solutions to accelerate your infrastructure, data, AI or ML journey. Deploy and reach the end state faster, and more accurately.

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Why choose us. At Devoteam, we believe that technology with strong human values can actively drive change for the better.

Discover how Tech for People unlocks the future, creating a positive impact on the people and the world around us.

Our industries. We work with you


Innovation with Google Cloud solutions in the retail industry.

Google Cloud Healthcare

Better patient care, increased health care workers productivity & improved data security with Google Cloud Solutions.


Google Cloud solutions to boost your business in manufacturing.

Digital natives

Upcoming Google Cloud Events


June 27, 2024 – 11:00 am to 11:45 am UTC+1

Online Event: What’s New in Google Workspace?


July 15, 2024 10:00 am – July 19, 2024 1:00 pm UTC+1

Gemini for Google Workspace Summer Sessions


September 5, 2024 – 11:00 am to 11:45 am UTC+1

Online Event: What’s New in Data & AI?


October 3, 2024 – October 10, 2024

GCD 2024



June 20, 2024

Devoteam achieves new Google Distributed Cloud Expertise

Paris, 11 June 2024 — Devoteam, a Google Cloud Premier partner across several product and engagement models and Managed Services partner, today announced it is one of the first partners globally to achieve the new Google Distributed Cloud product Expertise in the Google Cloud Partner Advantage program. This achievement underscores Devoteam’s deep technical proficiency and proven track record in helping customers leverage Google Distributed Cloud to drive innovation and business transformation. 

#Google Cloud Premier Partner#Google Distributed Cloud Expertise
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June 10, 2024

Kubecon 2024: Building a Sustainable Cloud Future

This article was written by : Quentin Reynaud – Cloud…

#CLOUD COMPUTING#Kubernetes#Modernising IT Infrastructure#Sustainability
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Google Cloud M-Trends 2024: Top Trends in Cybersecurity

#Google Cloud#Google Cloud Platform#Security
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May 24, 2024

Cloud Service Mesh: The new Managed Service Mesh by Google

Introduction At the recent Google Next ’24, Google Cloud announced…

#Anthos Service Mesh#Cloud Service Mesh#Service Mesh#Traffic Director
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May 16, 2024

Top 3 IT Infrastructure & App Modernisation Updates from Google Cloud Next 2024

At Google Cloud Next 2024 in Las Vegas 9-11 April, some team members of the Devoteam IT infrastructure & app modernisation tribe were present and ready to learn. Read their top 3 highlights regarding IT infrastructure and app modernisation announced at Google Cloud’s yearly flagship event. With as a common denominator: the AI wave coming to the field of IT infra & app modernisation.

#Google Cloud#Google Cloud Platform#Modernising IT Infrastructure
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May 3, 2024

Empowering Modernisation: Google Distributed Cloud’s Strategic Roadmap for 2024 and Beyond

Introduction to Google Cloud‘s Infrastructure As you may already know,…

#AI#App Modernization#GKE#Google Distributed Cloud#Optimized Hardware#Security#Software Stack
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May 3, 2024

5 data highlights from Google Cloud Next 2024

Google Next ’24 was recently held in Las Vegas (9-11 April 2024) and some of our Devoteam G Cloud data team were lucky enough to attend. The overall focus of the event this year was on advances in data and artificial intelligence (AI). Here’s our 5 highlights regarding Google Cloud in data, from the new technologies available and announced at Next. With as a bonus, 7 exciting new features of Google’s data visualisation platform Looker.

#Data & Analytics#Google Cloud Platform
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April 25, 2024

What’s new in Google Workspace? Updates from the first months of 2024.

Get ready to streamline your communication, collaboration, and administration with the newest Google Workspace features from the last few months! Here is your curated update by our Devoteam Google Workspace experts, an update that brings a wave of improvements designed to make your workday smoother and more efficient.

#Google Workspace
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