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At Devoteam G Cloud, we know how special and unique government facilities are due to our gathered experience in a variety of organisations.

We are aware of the complicated process, tenders, budget limits and restrictions we must face before working with any local government centre. No matter how complicated the process is, we are skilled in this type of cooperation, and we can fulfil your business needs in the best way possible.

Security & Compliance for government & public sector

As a public service provider, you handle a lot of – often sensitive – data coming from many different sources. Protecting this data is your top priority. Rest assured, your data is in safe hands with Google Cloud & Google Workspace. Benefit from best-in-class security capabilities to ensure your technical needs & compliance is guaranteed.


Solutions for government agencies & public sector

  • Make your operations more effective & deliver better service.
  • Get insights out of your data with AI & ML technologies.
  • Empower your government workforce with better communication & collaboration tools.

As part of their goal to achieve an innovative way of working, CUSTOMER STORIES


municipality pioneered the Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) movement in Sweden, and we’ve proudly stood by them each step of the way. In 2010 we helped students and employees migrate from a Microsoft-based environment to Google Cloud. We continue to work with Salem municipality as an advisor for cloud strategy and change management.


municipality in Norway is capitalising on the benefits of moving 15, 000 of its employees from Microsoft on-premise solutions to the cloud. After a triumphant public tender, we implemented cloud-based tools to enhance the collaborative culture among Trondheim’s workforce.

Now, people travel less and work more efficiently, and information is shared in a smarter way.

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