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AO Docs

Manage your workflows & ensure compliance

Use a single document management platform on top of G Suite to protect your company and build business applications.

Ensure compliance, keep legal exposure under control and easily manage workflows within your organisation, across departments.

Increase productivity.
Improve Governance.
Access documents fast.
Go paperless.
Perform crucial business processes.
One centralised platform.

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Investment Management for Finance

Finance departments are often handling loads of investment requests manually. All employees have to send these documents as e-mail attachments to the next person in the approval process.

AODocs makes the life of your Finance departments easier with these features:

  • Automation of investment approval workflows.
  • Automatic reminders for approval requests.
  • Setting a cap amount on investments.

Contract Management for Legal

Legal departments often manage all their contracts on a file server. That means they need a back-up to make sure documents are not deleted by mistake, which means doubling the amount of files saved. Legal often has to keep track of every contract, making sure they are renewed on time. This requires a lot of attention & effort. They also have to call stakeholders to come and sign documents in their office, which implies travel time & costs for people who are not at the Headquarters.

AOdocs simplifies the work of your Legal department with:

  • Protecting business records.
  • Notifications when a contract expires.
  • Detailed retention rules.
  • Electronic signature.

Purchase Request Management for Procurement

Procurement departments are often doing everything manually and have all data dispatched in different systems. Once everyone gives approval manually, the purchase team has to create a new email with the Purchase Order attached to send it to suppliers.

AOdocs makes this process for Procurement and purchase teams easier with the following steps:

  • Automation of your purchase process.
  • Integration with your ERP.
  • Interaction with suppliers.

Quality Control

Quality Control involves in many organisations more than one department or business unit. It can contain processes, methodes, reporting ect… Often each department maintains its own Quality system or application. To be scalable and easily onboard other departments, we’ve set-up a template with AODocs that covers the needs of most

Quality Assessments.
It brings these benefits to Quality control in your business:

  • Validation process.
  • Comply with regulation and standards.
  • One system for Quality Management.

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