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Arvesta unlocks unlimited collaboration & communication by fully adopting Google Workspace

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About Arvesta

Arvesta is the market leader in agriculture and horticulture products in Belgium. It’s a comprehensive and diverse group of about 60 companies and 250 stores, all thriving in a very competitive market.

The Problem

The IT tools Arvesta was using showed room for improvement to enable the full potential of collaboration and communication amongst colleagues. Major pain points were the planning of meetings and travel time.

That’s why they decided to go for Google Workspace, together with Devoteam G Cloud as a partner.

The Goal

  • Improve communication among colleagues and between departments
  • Make employees’ work more efficient
  • Enable intuitive searching & retrieving of company documents
  • Replace the file server environment

The Challenge

Not only did all the documents and files of the full group of more than 2000 users needed to be migrated to Google Workspace. There were some other challenges that were to be tackled.

  • Change the way of working, the mindset of all employees
  • Making sure the entire organisation is aware of the change
  • New processes for communication and collaboration of teams and organisation-wide


The full adoption of Google Workspace; not only the communication tools like G Mail and Google Calendar, but also Google Drive, Docs & Sheets to replace the legacy file server environment. Google Hangouts Meet is used as a video conferencing tool to connect employees across different locations and 65 meeting rooms now all have a Hangouts Meet Kit installed to make video meetings easier.                            

The Result

A successful migration of mailboxes, calendars and from the legacy file server to the full Google Workspace. Around 130 video calls are made per day by the Arvesta employees.

This resulted in a new, more efficient and collaborative way of working in the daily habits of all employees.

Arvesta Numbers

After a careful research and selection, Google Workspace turned out to be the best value for money.