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Cost Optimisation in the Cloud Principles

The cloud as catalyst for your organisation

Do you know the many financial benefits of moving to the Cloud?

Download this white paper to explore 5 ways you can implement & achieve cost optimisation for your Cloud.  

Like any other business operation, maximising cost efficiencies is key to ensuring the long-term success of your product. Learn proven strategies & detailed techniques for compute, storage, network, and data analytics. And get up to speed with tactics to manage & optimise costs.

You’ll also get real-world examples of enterprises that have achieved operational efficiency.

What will you discover in this white paper?

  • Chapter 1: Principles & processes to optimise your Cloud costs
  • Chapter 2: Optimising compute costs
  • Chapter 3: Optimising storage costs
  • Chapter 4: Optimising network costs
  • Chapter 5: Optimising data analytics costs with BigQuery