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Secure solutions for retailers

Discover the productivity benefits of Google Workspace

Manage your store operations from end to end & collaborate with your partners, employees & colleagues.

Enhance your in-store shopping experience with Chrome Enterprise

Keep shoppers and associates informed with cloud-first devices.

A better customer experience & smarter business decisions

Deliver stellar, more personalised customer experiences across online and offline channels.
Reduce costs, access robust data analytics to make better business decisions, get real-time access to operational information & boost your operational efficiency by using Google Cloud solutions.

Google Workspace in your Retail organisation

Collaborate better with your team & partners

  • Use Google Drive to share & collaborate on product designs, mock-ups, quality guidelines and KPIs .
  • Manage activities with a shared task list in Google Sheets or a team calendar in Google Calendar.
  • Communicate from wherever you are with Google Meet.
  • Keep in touch with one person or a group via Google Chat.

Manage your store operations with your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

  • Store all your product visuals, launch videos, marketing campaigns, promotions, employees‘ contact details, and store policies in Drive.
  • Store managers can simply enter their sales data & inventory in Google Forms.
    From there it automatically flows into Google Sheets.
    This is instantly shared between headquarters, stores and distribution centers.

Securely share new marketing material & digital brand assets

  • Collaborate with external agencies & vendors by using Drive to sync shared content to the cloud.
  • Manage rich-media assets, visuals, videos, GIF’s & logos across every retail channel.

Grow your team, offer trainings & onboard new employees quickly and easily

  • Use Google Forms to create applications forms to speed up the hiring process.
  • Interview job applicants from your office or from your home using Meet.
  • Create a website to streamline your onboarding process using Google Sites. It’s a one-stop destination for important information that any employee (or a select group) can access anytime, from any device.
  • Organise online trainings for multiple locations at once using Google Meet.
  • Record the live training and then make this recording available on-demand on your website or on your Google Drive so anyone can take a refresher course anytime they need it.

Make it easy for your employees to find important information in one place.

  • Create a website to share internal news, articles, links to your projects, product documents, internal presentations, promotional materials, and training content.
  • Decide to whom of the employees you give access.
  • Search and find information across Google Workspace and other content repositories with Cloud Search.

Empower store associates for better customer service

  • Store associates always need to have the latest product information at their fingertips. They can use their tablets to answer any question (product specs, promotions, inventory, videos, …).
  • Immediately share information (schedules, inventory lists, ongoing promotions and even PR updates).
  • They can reach out to their colleagues using Google Chat.

The wide scope of the retail activities means varied IT challenges, all of which Google Workspace can help with. Let’s take a look at some benefits of Google Workspace in the retail industry. Benefits of Google Workspace in your organisation

Real-time collaboration

Make sure your marketing team, creative agencies, resellers, and other vendors are always working with the same up-to-date content. Share content thanks to Drive’s sharing features and access controls.

Fully customised

Google Workspace is tailored to your organisation needs. Create an email domain that corresponds to the name of your organisation, give access to a limited number of people to your organisation’s data.

Connect with you

Quickly access your Documents, Calendar, Gmail and Google Meet from within the same platform. Share, plan, coordinate and create with colleagues, partners or customers.

Work from Anywhere

Google Workspace works at any time, from any location and with any device (computer, phone and tablet).

Business-grade security

Keep all your organisation’s data safe and protected. Manage all your users, devices, and data securely and easily.

Easy IT administration

Set up new team members in minutes. Google Workspace stays up to date automatically, so don’t worry about updates or security patches.

Collaborate & connect in real-time with your team, partners & customers From anywhere, on any device and with built-in security. Tighter collaboration & real-time communication

Discover Google Workspace

Let’s take a look at some benefits of Chrome Enterprise in the retail industry. Enhance your in-store shopping experience with Chrome Enterprise

Digital signage

Personalise the shopping experience by tailoring your digital signage to the city, the store, and even the specific department.

A better way to work

Start fast and stay fast on devices with quick boot times and the familiar UX of Chrome Browser and Chrome OS.

Assisted selling

Provide your employees real-time information and thus a better customer assistance. Answer their questions on inventory, promotions, or product descriptions fast.

Digital processes

Complete some common processes in the cloud,: shift scheduling, time sheets, training, announcements, and web-based tasks on a shared back office device.

Info on the go

Keep your associates always connected to the information they need while visiting regional stores or when completing tasks all over one store with lightweight Chromebooks.

Easy access to apps

Give access to the apps and information employees need to better assist customers.

Give customers self-service options with Chrome Enterprise

Allow your customers to see what’s in stock on your website, provide feedback, apply for memberships and special actions, or pick up online purchases.

Easy to deploy & manage

There’s an 80% reduction in IT time deploying, managing, and supporting Chrome kiosks.

Smart Investment

Retailers that leverage Chrome devices as customer self-service kiosks can realize $3.3 million in increased revenue and a ROI of 473% over 3 years. “The Total Economic Impactof Google Chrome Kiosks and Digital Signage,” Forrester Consulting

Built-in Security

Chrome Enterprise keeps the customer data safe and protects the users from malicious apps & malware attacks. Chrome Enterprise is secure by design.

Power your cloud workforce with Chrome Enterprise. Enable your employees to work faster in the Cloud

Invest smarter, for today and tomorrow Lower costs, simplify operations & increase productivity.

Discover Chrome Enterprise

Google Cloud for your Retail organisation

Deliver compelling customer experiences and accelerate transformation across your retail organisation by leveraging Google Cloud’s suite of intelligent solutions.

Offline and online retail companies are being revolutionised through cloud computing. Reduced costs, robust data analytics, real-time access to operational information, and boosted efficiency are some of the benefits awaiting retailers at the other side of their decision to move to the cloud with us. We can help you with app development, data solutions – such as data lake or data warehouse solutions – or machine learning & AI.


Capture digital & omnichannel revenue growth

Ecommerce migration

Migrate your existing ecommerce platform from a customer data center or other cloud vendor to immediately unlock the flexibility and scalability of Google Cloud.

Ecommerce modernisation

Modernise your ecommerce platform on Google Cloud into a cloud‐native & containerised architecture.

Become a data-driven retailer

Data warehouse modernisation

Kick off your modernisation journey with Google Cloud & solve for today’s retail analytics demands . Scale your business by moving to Google Cloud’s modern data warehouse.

Customer experience extensions

Leverage advanced AI‐powered solutions to power highly personalised & dynamic experiences for your customers.

Merchandising solutions

Leverage advanced AI to accurately forecast demand, thus minimising stockouts and reducing excess inventory.

Drive operational improvement

API management for retail

Integrate retail systems and channels with our API Management Platform to provide a more unified shopping experience.

AP on Google Cloud

Enrich your enterprise data and unlock new business value by using SAP on Google Cloud to accelerate migration from your existing ERP systems.

Contact Center AI

Deliver a better customer service and increase your operational efficiency by infusing your contact center with AI-powered experiences using Dialogflow templates.

Anthos for retail

Modernise your existing applications, build new ones & run them securely with the Anthos hybrid and multi-cloud platform.

See how you can transform your retail organisation with Google Cloud

Discover Google Cloud

Implementing Google Solutions in your retail organisation with Devoteam G Cloud

As an experienced Google Premier Partner, we bring in our expertise in your organisation & ensure smooth transitions.


Customer Stories in the Retail Industry

GANT, Auchan, Sephora, Carrefour, and many other retail giants depend on us to provide and manage powerful solutions that meet their dynamic business demands. We are adept at tackling the functional and subliminal characteristics of retail. We create and deliver individualised IT solutions designed with customer value in mind.



The difference between the top competitors and everyone else is business agility and in the era of technology and cloud computing business agility is synonymous with data warehouse modernisation.

Tradera, Sweden’s leading online commercial marketplace, embraced this concept when they left behind their legacy on-premise servers in exchange for the cloud, and they trusted Devoteam G Cloud to lead them there. Now Tradera runs most of their workloads in Google Cloud, using BigQuery to analyse their business and offer real-time insights to enhance their decision making.

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No challenge is too mighty or out of reach for our exerts, so when GANT needed to achieve ambitious goals, they looked no further than Devoteam G Cloud. A flagship store in London that needed to be up and running in less than a year with a globally distributed team may have seemed insurmountable.

Still, we knocked it out of the park by rolling out Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), making communication and collaboration among their teams more accessible and more efficient. And we did it in 3 months. Now, GANT continues its history of innovation by collaborating in the cloud with Google Workspace.

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Reitan Convenience

Moving to the cloud is largely about the user’s experience. Reitan Convenience needed a platform to support communication among employees working from home, on the road and at customer sites.

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) offered a medium of collaboration ‘anytime, anywhere and on any device’. Devoteam deployed 800 users in a Google Workspace rollout that took less than eight weeks.

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Happy Socks

Happy Socks realised the benefits of going Google with a cloud partner and sought our help to optimise their Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) collaboration experience. Having the right tools is great, but inadequate knowledge of the appropriate application won’t get you far.

Our specialists offered Google Workspace training focused on software migration, understanding integrations across Google Workspace tools, 2-step verification and advised on best practices.

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